How to draw Sansa from Undertale?

Another bright, exciting, humorous game created by Toby Fox, a music producer, being a good composer. Many who tried to download it and at least a few minutes to play, couldn't stop and ended up in their underground tale. Game design is super-modern and fancy: the usual pixel graphics and no fancy tricks. However, the content, according to people involved, is amazing. In minecraft story mode can be played three different ways:
  • In the role of a pacifist. Get the whole story, not causing harm to anyone, the main purpose of this selection.
  • Neutral level. It can be a little play around and "bothering" someone, will not be ashamed and to kill the annoying character.
  • Genocide. This story is for meanies who want to crush all without trial.
Playing an evil underground tale, the character will be scary mazes, the game will be gloomy. If you choose the level of a pacifist or neutral, Another will be interesting and humorous. This is due to the emergence of tale of two brothers-skeletons: Sansa, lazy calabardina, and Papyrus who dreams of joining the Royal guard.
All the characters of tales of zestiria bright enough and pretty, but today, pay special attention to the skeleton of the Sansa. The main point that will be discussed below - how to draw Sansa.

Good-natured-skeleton by the name of sans of Pro evolution

the Sansa from the computer game minecraft story mode - a Jolly fat man. He's always on a positive wave with a smile and a great desire is ready to release a witty joke. Consider how to draw Sansa in stages.

the Head of the skeleton Sansa

the first step is to determine the size of the character. On the album sheet to delineate region: head, body, skeleton and legs.

  • head: should remain 1/4 part, which is noted for drawing.
  • body: 1/2 part. Do not forget that Sansa is a fair amount of snow.
  • Everything else is future legs of the skeleton.
shape of the head of a sans a bit unusual. It is better to draw two flattened horizontally oval: top slightly larger than bottom. Eyes or rather the places where they once were, is to make the bulk. You can draw them in the form of ovals, and you can make the bottom edge even. Depending on how to draw Sansa, or rather from the shape of his eyes, the character will change the mood. Worth experimenting to understand what the skeleton like. Nose to portray fairly easy: you need to hold the arc in the letter "L" or draw a small triangle. You should not place it high between the eyes, but lower not too should. The skeleton is always in a great mood, and so the question how to draw Sansa out of Another, should not even arise. It should depict smiling from ear to ear.

How to draw Sansa in a suit?

Proceed to body jovial. We all know that he's a big fan of sports style in clothes, but we will draw Sansa in a suit - this move will give him a bit of elegance. So:
  • Position of the line tie a little distance from each other, this course will emphasize the fullness of the light of a hero and give place to draw the tie.
  • Pants should not be too narrow, because it can get fat man on thin legs.
That's all. Quickly that you never even noticed. To draw Sansa out Undertale proved easy.