How to draw Gravity falls: step by step and the example of the main character Dipper

an American animated television series "Gravity falls" won the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Although the recommended age of potential viewers for which Creator Alex Hirsch came up with a fascinating life story about twins Mabel and Dipper the Pines is 12 years old, it does not prevent to look forward to the new season and the older generation. Kind, adventure, mystical - it's not all definitions describing "Gravity falls".

About the cartoon and its Creator

Few people know that when Alex Hirsch was a small child, along with his sister parents have been sent for the summer to the village to the uncle. The children spent all summer coming up with funny stories with fictional characters. Summer adventure of Alex and his sisters formed the basis of the cartoon "Graffiti falls". The animation was the final work at the University of California art where he studied Hirsch. He is an artist, so how to draw "Gravity falls", realized at once: it was enough to remember his childhood. Then Disney offered Alex to create the continuation of the cartoon that made him incredibly popular and successful at the age of 30 years.

Dipper pines

since the cartoon a huge amount of fans around the world, the main characters became the objects of universal love. Every fan wants a t-shirt, notebook, or any other object with a picture of your favorite character. Some paint them yourself. And what about those who are quite friendly with pencil, but certainly wants to create masterpieces in the form of portraits of cartoon characters? How to draw "Gravity falls" and whether it is possible to make it beautiful? Of course, you can. And now the example of the main character going to learn how to draw step by step, "Gravity falls". So, draw Dipper Pines. The chart below will help people who are far from art, to create your first masterpiece.

painting Stages

  • to begin to sharpen your pencil and take the album sheet. Eraser does not hurt.
  • Draw something like a potato.
  • Then, on the resulting small masterpiece trying to portray the character's face: large eyes, nose, mouth and ear.
  • Proceed to cap. Dipper never parted, without this attribute, the Pines is impossible to imagine.
  • Add a line that will later become the luxurious hair of the boy.

  • Now proceed to the body. Draw the arms and the vest.
  • Then shorts and legs.
  • Add the latest features: moulded shoes, lines, denoted by the socks. All.
  • Left to decorate the resulting Dipper Pines.
If to approach to business responsibly, the question of how to draw "Gravity falls" will disappear by itself. 10 minutes of wasted time - and you will enjoy his first masterpiece.