How to draw "Equestria Girls"? Draw Twilight Sparkle

<span>Many Schoolgirls and children looked bright canadian-American animated series about the adventures of six cute ponies, ask the question: how to draw "Equestria Girls"?</span>

which character to choose?

<span>Before you can draw "Equestria Girls", is to choose a specific character. Because on the main cover and promotional posters cartoon-drawn Princess twilight Sparkle, will portray it. Recall that in the story the pony with twilight's crown disappears. And because of it she is forced to leave the fairy world and go to the people. In the new world, she transforms into a young girl. We will draw.</span>

how to start drawing?

To begin, draw the girl's head. To do this, perform the following steps:
  • Draw a circle.
  • draw on it exactly in half.
  • identify the middle and divide in half again.
Next hold the top of the arc and form the area of future bangs. Neatly outline the shape of the face and draw the ear. Here's how to draw" Equestria Girls" in stages, starting with the face of the selected character.

Draw eyes, mouth and nose

the Next step is a detailed drawing of the eyes, nose and mouth. Let's start with the eyes. To do this, from the middle (where the lines intersect) make a small indentation and form elongated oval eyes. Next, draw the nose and the other eye. Supplemented by eyelashes and pupils of the eyes. It turns out funny face. Bottom pririsovyvat small arc. This will be the mouth.

Modify the hair and eyebrows

When you are ready to face, back to the border of our bangs. Strictly underneath draw two eyebrows. Top podruzamevaet few strands and full bangs bending. Dorisovyvaet rest of the hair. And don't forget that out of them should be seen one ear the Sparks.

and Finish coloring my picture

After the head and face are drawn, we can draw some strokes to represent the neck, shoulder and part of the hand of the heroine. Further coloring and make the image brighter. The other girls of Equestria are drawn on the same principle, starting with face and ending with the hair and body. Now you know how to draw "Equestria Girls".

Draw pony

How to draw a pony? "Equestria Girls" movie, where a lot of colorful characters. In this article we will look at how to portray a pony twilight Sparkle.
pattern must begin with the sketch. To do this, draw two ovals: one for the face (smaller) and one for the body. Then delimit the level of long bangs, mark horn, and sketch pencil legs and tail. In the end will only give the contours of the definition, to finish details and paint. Pony Sparkle finish. Now you know how to draw the character in two images: girls and ponies.