What is this, the collaboration, collaboration

This is convenient to say an abbreviation of the word "collaboration". What does it mean in General and with specific examples, will examine later.

What this is

This (collaboration) is a collaboration, a joint activity, which combines two or more people or organizations. This process may involve the exchange of experience, training, achievement of common goals.
If a kid is going to propose to the other: "Draw together?" it is in some measure this. If you remember the book "the Golden calf" by Ilf and Petrov, the overall work of the two masters on fixing the engine - it is also a collaboration.

What is this even? It also can be attributed, crowdfunding. The so-called collective cooperation of citizens who unite their wealth to support the development of a project.
Sometimes collaba requires a governing body, sometimes rational without it, the joint pattern does not require the appointment of a leader. In some cases, the objectives of this Association may even be diametrically opposed.
Common synonyms words: joint activity, the temporal merge (Union), the Union for the purpose, collaboration, cooperation, cooperation.

Examples collaba

Collaboration can be found in completely different areas:
  • Artistic activity (the most "draw together"): two or more artists together in a group and create a common picture; the Creator can draw his Persians (characters, characters), and the Persians each other.
  • Music: two or more musicians (usually the beginner from the experienced) is recorded along one track, a song; in this field this can also be known as fit ("feat", with the participation of), "collabo".
  • Business: a striking example is the cooperation of BMW and blogger Amiran Sardarov company provides celebrity the free use of motorcycles, cars, and he, in turn, creates a favorable image of the Corporation in front of its huge audience.
  • Fashion: joint work in developing a certain product line of a brand together with celebrity today, perhaps there is a reason that most collabo.

Also, certain examples of collaboration can be found in the project management, game theory, trade, science, education, and publishing.

Collaboration YouTube

as an example, one of the newest and most successful collaborations to celebrate the Union of vlogery (bloggers, shooting videos) online at "YouTube".
What is this like this? This can be a joint roller, where there are two or more, videocelebrity. To share your subscribers, who will get acquainted with the common creation, often combine vlogery similar topics (subscribers or unlikely to be interesting news-blog).

This might look like the following: talking about something, blogger mentions, for example, what about some details you can learn more in the production of another author, and at this time there is linking (the window with the picture and link) on the latter. Of course, this is done by prior arrangement: as vzaemodia or for a fee.

Collaboration in the fashion world

the Most brightest and successful callaby can meet in the fashion business, as a joint project of two or more of the giants of this industry will lead to greater demand for such a collection. Most often we can observe how the mass markets involve celebrities or designers of the premium clothing, shoes and accessories.
Beginning of collaboration in fashion, many believe the collaboration of Salvador Dali and Elsa, Shiaparelli - "Dress lobster". Today, one of the leaders of this cooperation is the brand "H&M". In collaboration with him took part of a bright model of modernity, Jordann Dunn, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, Alexa Chung Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian. On the approach of the new collection from Kenzo.

In the fashion world also to the hearing of the collaboration, 2016: Puma with Rihanna, Reebook Gosha Rubchinskiy, Opening Ceremony Vans, Adidas Originals and Kanye West, Uniqlo, c Lemaire. Expected bright joint projects Top Shop with Kate moss, Uniqlo with Disney.
Pluses for celebrity and luxury brand here - the growing popularity, mass-market - huge demand for an exclusive collection. For the consumer, as is the visibility of available luxury, a chance to get a thing of higher status in the eyes of others for the same money.

Collaboration and collaboration

Speaking of what this is, collaboration can not touch and in tune with the term "collaboration". Despite the similarity in pronunciation, these concepts are unrelated.
Collaboration is a voluntary, intentional cooperation with enemy of the state with the knowledge of the intention of the latter and of the fact of harm to their homeland. The narrow sense of the term - cooperation with the occupiers during the hostilities.
This is, collaboration is a pervasive concept in a creative environment, business, the world of fashion. In General terms, this mutually beneficial cooperation, exchange of experience, a temporary Alliance to achieve certain goals.