Color vanilla. How to obtain and what shades to combine?

Vanilla — soft and romantic, refers to the muted shades of yellow. Flower with this color mesmerizing fragility and tenderness.

Vanilla color in the interior

the Muted pastel colors — a great choice for the interior. The color vanilla is perfect as a neutral basis for the design of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, children's rooms. With subdued the shade of yellow you can create a noble combination.

a Gentle children's

Light vanilla — a color that is perfect for newborn baby room. In the nursery for girls this shade can be combined with pink, lilac, purple. If the occupant of the room a little boy, well here will look all shades of blue, chocolate, green, gentle blue.

"Delicious" cuisine

Color vanilla for the kitchen chosen by those who appreciate home coziness, like to cook and enjoy entertaining guests. Part of the house in this colour bares the soul, awakens sensuality, the taste of life.

This is a shade for foodies and gourmets. Almost all people associate it with pastries, a Cup of tea or coffee, spices, fruit pies and ice cream.

Vanilla color balance between cool and warm spectrum. It is not boring, because in different lighting depending on time of year and day room, where the tone is the main that looks different.
Color vanilla — a good solution for small kitchens. He has the ability to expand the space. A small kitchen will look neat and tidy.
To light tint has been exposed, but not lost, it is necessary to correctly link with others. Light walls, for example, require bright accents. As these patches of suitable colors are blue, malachite, pistachio, orange. For those who like original color combinations, to impress the Union vanilla color with a gray and scarlet.
Pick up a work surface of natural shades. Look through the catalogs. With "delicious" shade goes well artificial stone and Sandstone.
Decide on the style in which it will be kitchen. Vanilla shade can be entered as in the classics, and in high-tech. The owners of large kitchens and lovers of traditional color combinations like the Union “vanilla and chocolate”. Additional accents such a tandem does not require and never goes out of fashion. In the style of “minimalist” and “high-tech» vanilla flavor may be present in the glossy facades and combined with the metal.

the Subtleties of the design space

There are several secrets, knowing that experienced designers create the perfect vanilla interiors:
  • bulb should only be warm spectrum.
  • household appliances must be designed in the color "metallic". White tone will look washed out and tasteless.

Bedroom for rest and romance

Color vanilla — natural and soft. It is well affects the nervous system. For the pair carries the romanticism, tenderness and sweetness in a relationship. This shade is a base, and, of course, it is recommended to Supplement suitable for your character details.
Bright and extraordinary personalities like the combination of vanilla and orange, or even red and maroon. Delicate young lady will have to taste the lemon-vanilla bedroom. It is desirable to arrange in a classic style.

Romantic natures fit Union of vanilla and turquoise, a classic sweet combination — vanilla and chocolate. The sweetness of the latter can be diluted with pistachio linen. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Hints of vanilla in the living room

As mentioned above, the vanilla color has the ability to expand the space. A small room will win unconditionally if you paste the wall Wallpaper color vanilla. If the room is large, then this coverage will require curtains of dense fabric.
Refined and delicate interior can be created by using the principle of monochrome. Take the vanilla. The white color in this case, turn in the milk and add accents of pale blue, pistachio, pink powder. In the updated living room you will feel like resting on a cloud.

the Color of vanilla in clothes

<span>Vanilla shade will suit girls with warm color type appearance. The color also looks great on people with dark skin. They can dress in it from head to toe and look bright. </span>Harmoniously shade fits spring and summer wardrobe.

So what to combine in clothes the color of vanilla?
  • the Combination of white and vanilla is not the best. The first looks dirty in the past. Also, do not combine it with black color. Choosing dark shades, please note on brown and dark blue.
  • Vanilla color is not combined with any shade of green, except the pistachio. The Union of these two colors looks expensive and elegant.
  • To the work in which the soloist vanilla color, you should wear only gold or copper jewelry.
  • the Duo — the light hint of vanilla plus a pale-olive or dull orange.
Color vanilla needs to contrast the Supplement, otherwise it will look faceless.

As to the color of vanilla

This advice will be of use to the needle. To get vanilla, you need to white paint to add some food coloring one of these shades:
  • Sienna,
  • Sienna,
  • Sienna,
  • burnt umber.
depending on the amount of caramel you get a more bright or saturated color. The dye can be replaced by a construction Kohler–pasta.

note that the color combination should cause you to have emotions. With a gentle shade of yellow you can make a lot of "tasty" duets and beyond. This rule of color should follow when choosing colors that blend with the color of vanilla.