6 ways to become an artist for those who have no experience in this art form

You want to do? Want to become a real artist? Might be tempted to go for courses? Or to go to University? But sometimes life comes with its own challenges: the prices of courses, lack of confidence, time pressure because of routine.
Before you lose heart or put a round sum for training, try the following 6 techniques. Maybe these methods will help you?

sort the old materials

If you like art, chances are you from time to time buy my art supplies. Some of them the tubes of paint and palette - has long been dried up and covered with dust. To draw them is no fun, because one day they lay you in the arm, and now every time you take the brush, do you remember that feeling.
of course, you Can go to the store and buy new accessories and you can look at the old new look: for example, use no gouache for landscapes, and calligraphy, to paint with watercolors is not wet and on the dry sheet.

loop do the old materials

When was the last time you used coloured pencils? Yes, those from school. And markers? Certainly, in early childhood. You can even get the old coloring books.
Advantage of these materials is that they do not put pressure on you with their "professionalism". You can just go through them and remember what it was like to draw as a child, not thinking about what will happen, not afraid to paint the wrong colors items. Thoughts actually hinder creativity. But only when I do what intuitively feels right, it turns out the art.

Build constraints

Conflicting advice, Yes? Try to explain why. The fact that the restrictions leave a lot of space for creative solutions. But at the same time complicates their search. You are allowed to do something. Anything within the rules. It's scary in the first second. And secondly, you realize that the same thing can show a completely different party. Freedom and the ban - stunning combination, isn't it? Set the constraint to create only one color, only one object or only one brush - and forward to new challenges!

Draw with a friend

Invite a friend to visit, and it is better to gather all the materials and go paint the street. Ask a friend to draw something for you personally. Set restrictions to each other. Draw together in one picture. Draw something together, not agreeing beforehand that you will draw. Or just watch how does your friend: it is so refreshing to see someone obsessing over something. In addition, you can learn from this new experience: how to hold a brush or use certain materials. We all, no matter how broad-minded had locked in his subjectivity, and the other person is able to show us a new facet of the world and creativity, one that we never would have thought.

Buy new

This is the most reliable way that never fails. New purchases are always inspiring. You know that feeling when you get some little thing, like nothing to brag about, but inwardly very pleased? In art it works, too. The novelty is refreshing. Especially if it's not just a new pack of pencils, but the new material you have never used.
Buy what had long dreamed of, even if you don't know how to use it - creativity is not only permissible, but encouraged. Very useful thinking beyond the usual art materials. You see those sparkles and really want to buy them, absolutely no idea when they will be useful? Buy! Who knows, maybe this will become a new stage in your creative endeavors?
PS On a secret: most likely, it will.

Learn how other artists

you Can watch videos on the Internet, but it is better to observe the creators in person. There are so many opportunities: master classes (by the way, including free), and open interviews. There is always something to learn, and isn't it a real pleasure to see something created right before your eyes? Man by nature is the Creator, when we see how someone is doing, we would then also create something different, unique and unrepeatable.
in addition, it is one of the ways to "steal like an artist" to borrow someone's equipment to come up with your own.
good Luck in your endeavors! Create!