What is a comic? History in pictures. How to create a comic?

Graphic novels that intrigue, amaze and inspire. Each viewing filmed comic book makes you think about morals and values. It's not just funny pictures created for entertainment. It is much more. It's time to see what comics really are.


the Word "comics" came into Russian from English lexicon of the comic, which means funny. Many people want to know what comic and where did such an imposing name. The common people can identify a comic book graphic novel, where there is a share of Comedy and jokes. Visual art combined with stories and stories. Despite the funny behavior of the characters, original pictures and sarcastic dialogues, comics are in completely different genres, ranging from detective stories and thrillers, ending with stories about superheroes.

History in pictures, usually filled with deep meaning and morality. Ensure that the information was perceived by both children and adults, use the drawings panels that display the sounds and laughter (for example, BOOOM, HUH?!, POW! and HA-HA-HA). In other words, the comic is stories in caricature.

History comics

the First mention of graphic novels can be monitored in the Japanese culture. Then for fun created a cartoony novels, called manga. These comics still exist and are popular in the world. Japanese comics were the forefathers of traditional Oriental cartoons - anime.
Later, closer to the XVI century, began to appear in European versions of graphic novels. It was during this period in Barcelona and Valencia began to spread religious pamphlets, called "allelua". A more familiar view of comics found at the end of the 18th century, when the journal The San Francisco Examiner was first published by funny comics for kids "the Cubs and tiger". The appearance of unusual narrative history blew the audience, and from that moment began the great era of graphic novels.

graphic novels

Drawn stories designed to interest the reader with its thrilling story. Experience has proven that adventure stories and detective stories are very popular, if there is even a small image. As a rule, not everyone wants to read thick books. Comics capture from the first seconds, fully immersing the reader in the fictional world or universe. Each graphic story has its own style of drawing and text.
Now, there are thousands of comics created as based on the literary works and unique adventure stories. What is the comic really is and what is its essence? Scientists and psychologists from the University of Waterloo proved that comics are much easier perceived by children and adults alike than books, movies and articles. The main point of graphic novels is creating interesting stories using simple drawings and deep texts.

How to create comics

the Format of comics is unique. Anyone who has ever read a graphic novel sooner or later asks the question “How to create comics yourself?”.

this will help the advice of a professional member of:
  • What a comic book is created without a script? That's right, no. Write unique and interesting scenario is the first step to creating a graphic novel. You need to register the history, character and dialogues. Do not overdo the descriptions, because they are comic figures who reveal all the details. The emphasis should be on dialogue and a dynamic plot. The basis for the script may be an existing story or film. The main thing - remember that every story in pictures unique.
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  • in Any case, you can't start drawing comics without storyboards. This is a secondary version of the graphic novel, or a draft. Here are the first sketches. History in pictures must be related to each other, so use the storyboard. It is necessary to register each "square" of the comic, to describe the actions of the characters and their replicas. In other words, you need to describe future frames.
  • For those who want to learn how to create a comic, you need to seek help to have the finished graphic novels. Should pay attention to style. If this is a story about superheroes, all the pictures should be bright, and the dialogue is immediately evident. When choosing a plot with adventures, you need to use a warm, Sunny colors. A detective and a Thriller needs to cast a shadow and intrigue the reader, so there are blue, gray and black colors.
  • Attentive reader will notice that the comic is not the same frame. Sometimes some scene are posted on the third page, and the other 10 are small size and fit on a small piece of paper. This style much easier to read comics.

Special language stories in pictures

a Distinctive feature of comics in a special language. There are no texts, which occupies 99% of the page. Main movie characters are made up of small phrases that describe a particular incomprehensible to the reader the situation. The essence of the story passes with the obvious plot, where the details are drawn heroes and their abilities.
So how do comic books come to us from Europe and the US, all stories written in English, but due to the unique drawings of the plot can be disassembled without words. This is the special language of comics.

DC vs. Marvel

Two popular publishers of comics for more than 50 years competing with each other. A member of the entire world was divided on two fronts. DC comics and Marvel intensively discussed on the Internet, it create adventure films and series, and fans flock from all over the world for the sake of the world festival of comics Comic Con. Consider a brief history of each publisher.
DC. the Main character of the publishing house - from Batman Gotham city villain the Joker. Existed since 1934, and the first film adaptation in explanation of graphic novels was released in 1969. DC greets the fans of the Superman comics, Wonder Woman, John Hexa and Green lantern.

Marvel. the Creator of the multiverse of Marvel - Stan Lee. Publishing is more popular than DC, thanks to graphic novels like "X-Men" and "Wolverine", "Captain America" and "Iron man" and "Fantastic four," "Thor," "ant-Man". The main feature of a Marvel that they are paying tribute to Stan Lee, inviting a vigorous old man, the movies, and giving him a two-second remark. Unlike DC, this publisher publishes novels with profound meaning and morality, trying to show the two sides of the same coin (good and evil). All Marvel comics are more serious and have a non-standard plot. Founded in 1939, the first movie was released in 1944 ("Captain America").

the Most expensive comics

long time In the yard 21, and the comics continue to create, to publish and to film. This course is always popular and certainly will never fade. Despite this, the real member not only like to read graphic novels, but also to collect rare and limited editions. So what is the most expensive and valuable comic in the world?
Action Comics 1938, which costs $ 2 million. The original version of the comic book image of Superman around the world has no more than 9 pieces. 80 years ago we could buy Action Comics no more than 10 cents. Also in demand rare cartoons curt Swan's (the author of stories about Batman since 1942). One of his work is estimated at 200.000 - 400.000 dollars.

Adventure comics

the History of Mickey mouse and Donald duck is not just a cartoons, which have grown for generations. This story, inspired by the comics. The interesting thing is that the first cartoons were created on the same principle as the graphical images were also used storyboard, storyline and word bubble with lines. The main feature of children's comics - adventure genre. The comics tell the adventures of the main characters, who are faced with unexpected situations and solve them throughout the comic.

How to read comics

When the question arises "What are comics and how to read it", then you need to pay attention to the structure of a graphic story. Classical comics is a small color magazine, consisting of 10-30 pages. Each leaf is divided into several parts drawing, usually not more than 10 pieces (page size depends on the number of "frames"). To start you need to read from the very first square in the upper left corner. The order of the frames from left to right. Some comics are read on a serpentine chain. If a story consists of a series of comics, it is recommended to read from the first part to understand the fascinating history of characters.
Comics are not just stories about superheroes. Each reader can find their favorite genre. All you need is to plunge into the multiverse, to get acquainted with all the characters and learn their character. This will help to discover new and wonderful world of graphic novels of the 20th and 21st centuries!