How to draw Raven from "Young titans": a step by step guide

Raven is the child of demonic origin. Her father is the master of evil, who throughout life tends to make girls brutal monster. The Raven has the ability to fly, summon spirits and cast spells. The team of Robin, the girl came to fight evil. The main feature of the demonic character is a denial of origin, because Raven hates his father-the villain and what he does to people. This is one reason why the heroine around the world there are thousands of fans. We'll show you how to draw Raven from "Young titans."

a Little about the cartoon

Fantastic animated series "teen titans" was first released in 2003. The team of heroes, descended from the pages of comics from publisher DC decided to unite and create an unusual army to protect the beloved city from villains. Fantastic team consists of 5 beings, do not like each other. Robin is the leader of the "Young Titans", the undisputed leader, apprentice and assistant of Batman. He sheltered the alien Starfaer, transformers Beast Battle, man-machine Cyborg and the demonic Raven. Five amazing super heroes for the good of the city established headquarters in a building shaped like a huge letter "T".
First fantastic animated series lasted only 3 years, after which it became the ancestor of the new film adaptation of "teen titans. Forward!", released on the children's channel Cartoon Network (CN). Titans fans gather at the festivals, organize cosplays and share their creativity with each other. Favorite heroine of the series - this is a demonic child. It's time to learn how to draw Raven from "Young titans."

What is needed to draw

to learn how to draw, do not have to go to art courses. It is sufficient to prepare the necessary materials to open the manual and follow it. To learn how to draw Raven from "Young titans", you must first prepare tools:
  • a few clean sheets of paper, preferably of A4 size (always need drafts);
  • pencil and eraser;
  • crayons, markers or colored pencils (it is recommended to choose purple, blue, black and gray).
Let's look at how you can draw Raven from the old version of "Young titans," and the new animated series "Young titans. Forward!" How to draw Raven, you can learn from the instructions below.

Raven's version of DC comics

In the original it is a dark tall girl. When the demonic child is calm, you can see a beautiful and young creature that attracts Beast Fight, but if angry, it is better to find a place to hide from her vast and powerful force.

Tips for those who do not know how to draw Raven from "Young Titans" (2003).
Main feature of the demonic character is its gloom. Raven rarely smiles and tries to stay away from people. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to paint only the dark side of girls, carefully zastrahovany pencil face, creating a shadow.
do Not have to paint the body, it is sufficient to depict the cloak to the ankles and shoes (as shown in the example above).

Draw Raven from "Young titans. Forward!"

the"Cartoon" version of demon girls to draw much easier than from the comics. This tutorial will help you learn how to draw Raven from "Young titans" in stages.
Step 1. Visually divide the paper into 2 parts. On the top half, draw a small circle, as indicated in the figure, that is the head of Raven. Following the instructions, finish the body.

Step 2. Draw in two small round eyes that speak of the bleakness of the girl and her mystical origins.

Step 3. Following the instructions, draw the mouth. When painting this will be an important detail, as she is in a raincoat and you want to create on the face a shadow.

Step 4. Draw your upper torso - this is the hood of the mystical superhero. Look carefully at the picture at work.

Step 5. To create a shadow, which was discussed in step # 3, you need to outline the contours of the face and eyes. Draw the same shape, as shown in the figure.

Step 6. In the first stage, we depicted the body - cloak of Raven. Add a few touches to make it look more believable.

Step 7. Remove eraser extra lines, circle with a pen or felt-tip pen outlines, then proceed to prettification.

you should Not be disappointed in their abilities, if at first you don't succeed to portray Raven. Remember any creation begins with mistakes and corrections!