How to draw a marionette: step by step guide

Puppets called dolls, which are set in motion with the help of thread or fishing line. Most often they are used for theatrical productions, or as a decoration in the interior. Simple dolls can learn to manage even a child. When a young artist comes the question of how to draw the puppet, it is not always clear exactly how to perform drawing. In the present article to analyze in detail all phases of work.

structure and image puppets

If the artist has experience of image rights, the question of how to draw the puppet, should not cause special difficulties. This doll is in its structure resembles a human body. The more her joints and threads, the more opportunities the puppeteer. The face and clothes may be quite different, depending on the executable role. Like a puppet, most importantly, remember that it must be mobile and be sure to have the threads going up. For emphasis, you can even draw a hand controlling the puppet. In addition, figure dolls to Supplement the theater attributes – in the background to portray the scene, a curtain or scenery relevant.

How to draw the puppet from the movie “5 nights with Freddy”

This is a feasible task for anyone. Sometimes the abstract problem of how to draw the puppet, you can specify. For example, many people are interested to depict familiar characters from fairy tales or movies. One of the most popular films with the participation of the puppets – “5 nights with Freddy”.


let's Consider step by step, how to draw the puppet from the film:
  • Start any art work with the determining the proportions.
  • Planned schematic structure of the body-head, neck, torso, legs, arms.
  • Draws a head and ears.
  • Marks a person – the eyes and mouth.

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  • On the face is of specific pattern.
  • Then the body is added to the volume. Make sure that the puppet has thin legs and arms.
  • Added palm with three fingers. As depicted threads of the upper plate, which is managed by puppet.
  • Finishing the drawing, add details to the look of the puppets – three buttons on the chest and parallel stripes on the arms and legs.

  • If desired the work can be colored with crayons or paints. The body of this puppet black and white, but on the face there are red details.

after Reading this step-by-step instructions to draw a puppet Freddy will of any person. You just have to have patience, paper and crayons!