How to draw Angela from the popular game?

In recent years among children and adolescents are becoming increasingly popular game on tablets and smartphones. One of the most popular games – “Talking Angela". In the story of glamorous and fashionable cat performs simple actions, conducts simple dialogues and different entertains the baby. Many adults are baffled by the problem of how to draw Angela for her child. This article will help you to understand all the intricacies.

of What to draw

Choosing a technique and the complexity of the figure, you should focus on the age of the young artist. The younger the child, the easier it should be image. For older children you can add more detail and complicate the position. If the child draws himself, ask him to copy the image from the monitor or magazine. Kids who only know how to paint, you will need to draw the outline of a cat in pencil. Therefore, adults have to figure out how to draw Angela. The advantages of a simple pencil that the eraser can be easily corrected shortcomings.
Teens can draw from colored pencils, pens or watercolor.

Detailed instructions

How to draw Angela in stages – quite an interesting question. Let us examine it in more detail.
  • set the task, how to draw Angela, start with the choice of poses.
  • If the cat is pre-apply the basic centerline. Her torso and head is symmetrical, therefore, the Central axial line will help keep proportion. Sketch proportions – the height, thickness and head size.
  • the cat's Face from the game like a typical cat muzzle. First, draw two ovals – the head and face.
  • Then to top oval dorisovyvaet eyes and ears.
  • Outlined nose, mouth with a smile, and antennae.
  • In conclusion, draw the torso, paws and tail.

just like we dealt with the question of how to draw Angela from the popular game.