Complementary colors give a variety of shades

the Three primary colors-red, blue and yellow - are part of the color palette. The opposite, or complementary colors give a variety of shades from its derivatives by mixing and coloring. Sometimes it's hard to pick any outfit to the look. Given the age, face type, and the structure of the figure, you can experiment with colors and find the right tone of clothes. Each color type has its own palette, which can emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. It is enough to know the basics of proper combination.

a circle of Itten

Theory of “colour wheel” gives the opportunity to present the palette of colors visible to the human eye. The range of Ittina has a comprehensive palette. But it is necessary to narrow it down to 10 shades and share their radii, clearly will be viewed as a complementary color. This theory is a good tool for creative people. The design of the design of clothing, interior occurs due to the whole system of the color wheel.

Key combinations

There are many ways of combining colors. Priority are the following:

  • Monochromatic. This is a game with a single tone and its undertones. By combining your style, emphasis on the dark and intense subject matter, it has to match for more things, more subdued colors. A neutral tone will help to dilute this image and the pastel will add lightness and femininity.
  • Tragicheskoe – this is contrast to the three main colors. Such a composition creates a vibrant and dynamic Union. In the 70-ies of the accent fashion trends is based on the main palette. They were a component in the choice of style. A typical mix is possible to be fashionable and at the same time to be yourself.
  • achromatic combination. The game is black, white and grey colors. It's a classic. This range is suitable for women of any age and with any figure. A black suit with a white shirt – this is always true. This kit looks very progressive. Grey for a long time was not perceived and was considered boring. But in context, with properly chosen colors, looks different. Latest fashion trends welcome this color and its shades.
  • closes the list of complimentary color combination. It is based on contrast.

the Role of color in clothing

the Complementary color - the most difficult when choosing clothes, and at the same time the most spectacular. Every woman in its own way perceives and reacts to color. There is a certain tone, which like all without exception. Some like the rich, others like more peaceful.

Red – this is the most vivid and evocative, able to inspire confidence and to excite the imagination. Wearing a red dress and matching it with sandals green, you will be on top. In this dress a woman like yourself, and thus get the approval of others.

Play on the contrast

do Not be afraid of contrasts. A complimentary combination of colors in clothes-is always a safe bet. New stylistic images allow to choose the set, accentuating it in color variations. Opponentname complementary colors of green and red, yellow and blue will attract the attention of others. Colored fabrics will create a little daring and bold bow. The main thing - do not overdo it. Shades of fabrics should be well balanced, and the texture of the objects are almost identical. Diverse fabric structure is also welcomed in modern fashion, it is important to know its exact use in a particular set.

Stylists suggest

Women who prefer your clothing is pastel and warm colors can make a contrast on one thing. Or choose a related-complementary color.It is more muted tones, are located near the main. Additional components included with the main perfectly in tune. If it seems that the image of the rustic, it can be freshened acutely-trendy bright scarf or other accessory that always attract the eye. Their fashion stylists benchmarks based on many factors. For the full combination is not enough to choose one main item of clothing. We should not forget about the little details, the choice of shoes. Compliance and integrity must be in everything.

Harmony of color

Choice of colors must be harmonious. After looking around, you realize that nature dictates and directs to the right decision. For example, watching flowers, you can see the full harmony of nature. It will serve as a source of inspiration, and complementary colors in clothing will create a memorable set.

Black and white

Individual colors can blend in with almost the entire color palette. Such as white and black. They play an important role for the modern fashionista. These are the main components of her wardrobe. Business attire does not complete without this couple. Of course, it is possible to diversify and make a bright detail, so as not to look too hard. Blue gives an unusual set paired with gray. He will be strict and soft at the same time at the expense of contrast. Focusing on the main grey parts, the second color is a little faded into the background. Muted contrast creates a good impression. Green and its shades have always held in high esteem. Things those colors always look stylish. Particularly interesting is the composition of green and dense blue. Combining incongruous, the image looks quite correct and, respectively.

Linking in one set bright colors, don't be afraid to experiment.With all kinds of trends in the beat and adds to the image. As a result of correctly selected combinations stylish enjoyable way, you will be provided. And most importantly - you will be unique in your outfit.