A detailed guide on how to draw: Maleficent.

Maleficent – is a fictional character that was first found out in 1959. It was a significant the villain cartoon “Sleeping beauty" production company “Disney’. In addition, the name of this evil sorceress found in some fairy tales. Despite the negative role, Maleficent looks so bright and colorful that I want to learn how to draw. Maleficent will do well, if all of the steps.


In 2014, on the screens released a full movie “Maleficent”, a story about the fabulous life of the sorceress. The main role in this tape takes the A. Jolie. Protecting filed, fairy attracted many spectators. Of course, in General this character is negative and deals with the dark forces. However, externally, Maleficent looks stylish and bright.
Mainly in its shape is a hat. It is a bluish-black crown, with two distinctive curved horns. Makeup magician rather laconic – pale skin and bright red lips. Her eyes are a bright, mesmerizing, turquoise-yellow color. Interestingly, most of the posters for the film and other pictures Maleficent is portrayed frontally (FAS). In rare cases you can meet the sorceress in other provisions. From clothing to depict a coat or cloak with a magnificent high collar.


Explore more the question of how to draw. Maleficent pencil will work great, if you rely on the detailed guidance below.
first you need to draw a symmetrical face. It can be devoid of details and nuances, but should have a clear outline. All facial features (eyebrows, eyes, nostrils, lips) is also symmetric and well defined.

Next, add the neck and shoulders. Top of the head of the sorceress is quite large and high. From the top to the head are added curved horns. They are quite thick at the base and taper upward.

Ends the head Maleficent the details of her headdress. You also need to draw a graceful collar of the mantle. It is a large document and consists of two rigid layers.

At this stage, the pencil sketch is ready, you can proceed to its coloring and detail.

How to end a pattern

Now it became more clear how to draw. Maleficent in some cases require to study the background. With the way the sorceress will go well together “enchanted” forest, fantastic landscape, abstract “turbulence energy” or other fantastic elements. Also in the background can be a neat hatch.
Thus, familiarity with the material helps to solve the problem of how to draw. Maleficent will turn bright and colorful.