The death of art and the creation of another echo chamber for bad arti

The death of art and the creation of another echo chamber for bad artists.

-1 introduction to the topic
-2 critique and why it's not all sunshine
-3 the hurtful truth and it's effect 
-4 furrys, simple as that.

1) their are good and bad artists in here, and no, despite the popular believe that art is objective it really isn't. Art follows rules and those rules are called design, and now we get to the fun part. the community, I love this place but this mustn't turn into another echo chamber for bad artists. Imagine this, and I sure know you and espescially you know exactly what I am talking about.
2) you find a pic that is utterly terrible and you look at the comments where people are blowing sunshine up the artists ass.
what good does that except to twist the world of a designer? I am sure I will repeat myself but this will not help him to improve, focusing on only the good parts. 
3) But ow no, now we are at the hurtful part, you want to Be the one person that tells the artist what you think of his drawing. His ego shatters and everyone is looking your way, everyone who commented rains hellfire on your ass for daring to speak up, Deep down inside you know it and I know it. Next thing you will notice is  how the comment section turned into a war between you ,either staying your ground and keep insisting that what you said is not hurtful and only meant in a good will, or you trying to apologize to the flood of text. 
4) furrys, while there are good creations that show a unique style and fantasy there are lots of creations that's are just terrible. If they were food, Gordon Ramsey would not even go anywhere near them. With that being said, you know what i am talking about and you can not deny it. Wanna help these artist? Sure go back to part 2) and 3) and get beaten to death by their Fanclub. If their design is just a recolored version call them out on it and say it's boring, it lacks creativity but now we are back at part 3) ????
Really makes you think, what's the end of the story? You are the end of the story, if you agreed with at least one or two things I have said here then you are the next person that should give more harsh critique where it's needed, come start with me.