What to do if withered gouache? How to give paint a second life?

Gouache – is the paint that I love to use for painting professionals and Amateurs. Also it is perfectly suited for creative activities with the children, and all because the paint has no smell, dries quickly and looks nice. But what to do if withered gouache? Of course, it is possible to throw it away and buy a new one. However, there is a way to save. With a little effort, paint can give new life.

and Gouache paints

Gouache paint is thick and opaque paint. Once dry, it is matte and velvety. It is perfect for paper, canvas, cardboard or smooth wood surfaces.

unlike watercolors, gouache paints less binder, but much more pigments. This block fails, the resulting space will be able to paint even the dark spots lighter paint. The previous layers will not be able to see through them, the pictures come out beautiful, bright and most importantly – neat.
Store paint in tightly closed containers at room temperature. It must be protected from cooling below zero. If it so happens that for some reason dried up paint (gouache), what to do with them, will be discussed below in the article.

How to mix gouache

it is best to mix or dilute gouache on a special palette. If not, then the alternative may be a conventional plate. The paint is very easy to clean.
Starting its work, the first thing the paint a good stir in the jar, and then transferred a small amount on the palette, but already there is mixed with water or other paint, getting the desired shade.
Gouache diluted to a consistency of liquid sour cream, but you must know the limits – the paint should be translucent, you need to stay tight enough. Put liquid gouache when dry will leave a dark bumpers. If the paint is applied too thickly, in several layers, then it is poorly secured and will crumble like plaster.

What to do if withered gouache

Sometimes, when the paint can is not tightly closed, gouache can dry out. To bring it into working condition can be as follows:
  • pour a little water (it should cover the paint);
  • the lid on tightly and leave the jar in this condition for days;
  • if the next day the paint will stay thick, add a little more water and leave the jar on the second day.
If thinking on what to do if withered gouache, you've decided to use this dilution method, remember that the excess water will make the paint layer is thin and translucent. After drying, the paint layer will become dirty and cracked.

So, more than once, you can restore even the most solid paint. You have to understand that for the professional artists working on art pieces, recycled paint is not good. This option is best used for children's art.

What to do with dried gouache (use water bath)

There is a second way of diluting gouache – water bath. You need to prepare the steamer, metal (can be replaced by two tanks of different diameters), toothpicks and water. Step by step instructions for the softening of gouache looks like this:
  • in a jar with the dried gouache need to pour just boiling water, which will fully cover the paint;
  • the paint can placed in a pot with a smaller diameter. Further, the larger diameter pot filled with water to half, inside need to put a second pot of paint;
  • the lid also can be put into the water to the paint and from behind them;
  • water capacity bring to a boil and lower the heat to the liquid a little bubbled;
  • capacity cover;
  • the liquid will boil away, so the hot water need to be topped up as needed;
  • toothpicks are needed in order to check how the paint is softened.

For not too dried paint will not need more than 20 minutes. If you don't know what to do if withered gouache to knock, then just simmer the jars for at least an hour, will succeed. You need to wait until the gouache will not be stirred until smooth.
Knowing what to do when paint (gouache) has dried up, you can save on buying new materials for creativity. In the process of diluting the paint takes on a liquid consistency and becomes fit again to work. We just need to remember about hand protection and clothes, because gouache badly washed.