How to draw furry by stages

Subculture furry appeared under the influence of disney animations. The basis of the furry fandom is liking the person for cute furry heroes of comics, cartoons and movies. To see the characters dressed in costume, anthropomorphic beings, at various events - children's parties, meetings, dedicated to the protection of wild animals, and sports performance. A feature of the subculture is the identification of its representative with anthropomorphic creature. The transformation of man in a fictional character can happen with the help of costume and behaviour. Most often human qualities are endowed with large predators - wolves, foxes, members of the cat and rodents. Fans of the furry art furry prefer the image on the paper. Not all beginning artists have the skill level. Let us consider in detail step-by-step diagram of how to draw furries, so that the image of the beloved character got the most realistic.

Proportions and location

of Course, the proportions of a fictional character different from human. It is important to remember that despite the fact that this anthropomorphic creature, his head will be larger. Before drawing furry, you must determine the position of the shape on a sheet of paper. Not to be distracted in the creative process, it is necessary to prepare in advance art supplies.


Manual, which describes in detail how to draw furry step by step, can apply to master the skill of any aspiring artist. At the beginning of the creative process it is better to choose to draw a solid pencil. Auxiliary lines it leaves are more amenable to removal and do not leave dirty traces.

  • Initial step will be defining the contours of the figure on a sheet of paper. Before drawing furry, you have to have the main line, so that you can see the pose, which is a fabulous creature.
  • once the basic contours are defined, we add a sketch of the head in the form of a circle, given its inclination.
  • the Next step will be the detailing of the face – will do the outline of the eyes, large ears. Try to convey the emotions first by using expressions.
  • After that, move on to drawing the Breasts, limbs, belly, fluffy tail.
  • Then detail the legs, adding fingers and claws.
  • Small strokes to draw the fur around the contour of the body.

process Completed

this diagram describes how to draw furry pencil step by step. Paint your favorite characters is completely different. Use acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, or markers - the drawing will turn out bright and saturated.
Before young fans of the furry art, the question often comes up how to draw furries? Stops their lack of skills. There are techniques that will help to fulfill a desire to recreate the image using drawing. Don't worry if the first experience will be unsuccessful. It is worth the effort and impressive effect will amaze supporters, and fans of the subculture.