How to draw a kerambit in stages

melee weapons attracts with its brilliance, hidden power since those times, when the man began to master metal working. Legendary kerambit-a knife with a rich history. First mentioned in the 14th century, the people of Minangkabau inhabiting the island of Sumatra. There it was used in wars with the other islanders, and in civilian life was used for household needs. As a novice artist to tackle the challenge of creating an image of the weapon on paper with the most realistic, how to draw karambit easily and quickly, so that the image turned out beautiful and original, consider the following.

origin Story

karambit Knife easily recognizable due to the peculiar curved shape. On the handle it has a hole for the index finger and a Crescent-shaped blade size from 3 to 10 centimeters sharpened on the inside. In order to use the knife in combat, it is important to have special equipment. Holding it reverse grip, aiming the blade away from you. There are three main versions of the origin of the practice, each of them interesting. If you believe the first version of origin, then this knife came from the sickle for harvesting crops – indeed, there is a similarity of shape and handling of the blade. The next version says that for greater expression in popular on the island of cockfights the birds were tied to the legs of a small curved blade. In favor of this hypothesis is the translation of the phrase Karambit Lawi Ayam – "the spur of a cock". The third option argues that from the beginning it was a military weapon, but a model for it was the Indian brass knuckles. Without discussing the excellent quality of these knives, in the melee, it is worth noting that they are valued for grace and beauty. How to draw a kerambit to commit to paper his image, consider the following.


it is Very important to prepare for the painting process. For creativity, you must understand what techniques will be illustrated. A minimum set of required materials – sharp pencil, eraser, sheet of paper. Consider instructions on how to draw a kerambit in stages in pencil.

drawing Technique

Kerambit may be different. There are several modifications of classical Malay knives. How to draw a kerambit, which will look organic? The curved shape and the hole on the handle – the main difference. The basis of the image is a set of simple shapes.

  • the First step is the orientation of the silhouette on a sheet of paper-draw the contours of the future of the knife exactly in the center.
  • Further improve the arm, carefully drawing the details – round thumb hole, bulges and bumps in the handle, the heads of the fixing bolts. A soft pencil give volume to the drawing with shadows.
  • Next step – blade. In order to give effect blade sharpness, use to draw a solid pencil.

Initial thumbnail image is ready.

Final step

Final stage description of how to draw a kerambit in stages, we consider in detail. Carefully with gum, remove any excess paths. Pay attention relief detail, carefully shading of the line shape on the paper light and dark areas. Now when the sketch is finished, you can draw a picture with crayons.
Essence of the gradual drawing is the gradual reproduction of the image. A detailed description, which describes how to draw a karambit, will be useful for the beginner. Take a closer look at the diagram technique for creating a pattern will be apparent even to an inexperienced layman.