How to draw Optimus Prime: step by step instructions

Cartoons about transformers are incredibly popular these days. Stories about the eternal confrontation between light and dark forces of the Autobots and Decepticons - enjoy watching kids and adults. Created a variety of comics, toys, school supplies inspired film adaptations. How to draw Optimus Prime, the defender of the weak, the main fighter against evil among the robots of the Earth? This is a complex and painstaking, but incredibly interesting and exciting. There are methods that will help learn to create an original image of the character on paper quickly and easily.

getting started

Regardless of the nature of the child, the drawing process – a fascinating pastime. Special interest in children creating an image of your favorite character on a sheet of paper. If the kid's watching cartoons about transformers, be prepared that he will ask how to draw Optimus Prime or another Autobot. Having prepared the necessary materials - paper, erasers, pencils, - you can start drawing. Before how to draw a transformer Optimus Prime step by step, you should carefully review the image of the hero, to understand the technique. Distinctive features of the leader robots are equipment and weapons. Decide on the size of the future image.


step by Step instructions how to draw Optimus Prime, one can understand the first time.

  • to begin to define the basic structure with a simple pencil. Unnecessary lines are easy to remove with an eraser. It is very important uniform distribution outline in accordance with the sheet size.
  • Next stage - the contours of the head. To draw fine lines of the helmet, copying the original, much easier.
  • Draw limbs. To do this, the contours of which were outlined in the beginning, give the required shape, add detail in the form of a knee and pointed tips on protective gloves.
  • Next to the base is added to the corresponding elements of the image. Bold lines to portray the finer details on the body like protective armor, shoulder pads.
  • you should Now trace the main outlines. Neatly drawing the main parts in the process of adding elements that will make the image of the original.
it Remains only to paint using bright colors - it makes the image vivid and saturated.

Before you color an image, delete the unwanted contours. Consider the age of the child, creating drawing, which shows the transformers. Optimus Prime, who then is to paint the baby must be with a clear and understandable form.
a Detailed diagram useful for an inexperienced artist. This technique will help to master the initial skills and create a beautiful pattern.

Positive aspects

Learn step by step instructions, it is clear that the task of how to draw Optimus Prime, quite simple. The main advantage of the gradual establishment of a unique and original painting is the parent-child the drawing process.