How to draw a harvester: tools and recommendations

Many boys love to draw not less than girls. Their only interests lie in the field of transport and technology. So the young artist sometimes ask parents to teach them how to draw a harvester. But adults don't always know how to do it.

to understand how to draw a harvester, you need to understand what parts of this agricultural machine. And of course, to choose suitable tools. The process will captivate not only the little boy but also his parents. The result will be an interesting and complex pattern.

what are the parts of the harvester

Before trying to portray agricultural machine, you need to understand how to look and how to use harvesters in the field. This is a technical tool that is necessary for harvesting cereals. In addition to devices for removing ears of corn and to separate the grain from the stems, it should be a pipe through which harvest is transported in a truck.

Harvester consists of several main parts, which should be depicted in the figure below:
  • Cabin (base of the machine, which sits in the driver).
  • the Wheels of the combine (rear slightly more than front).
  • Grind and header (the front part of the harvester).
  • Tube through which the grain falls out into the truck.
  • Small parts (glass, stairs, exhaust pipe mirrors).
Overall circuit looks fairly complex. But in the image of each part separately will not have any problems.

Selection tools

How to draw the processor? The first step is to prepare for the creative process. Any budding or professional artist comes up with the idea to use a simple pencil. This is a simple and affordable tool that is easy to draw and to correct errors if they occur.

But children usually boring to draw only in pencil. After all, it greatly limited the possibilities. Therefore, the children prefer to take up coloured pencils or markers. To draw them initially is not very convenient. But when, thanks to the help of mom or dad, ready General lines and details of the harvester, the young artist may give the picture a bright tone. Then it will be a joint creative process of the adult and child that will bring a lot of fun.
to Draw the harvester handle is not necessary. Only if there is confidence in their own abilities and artistic skills. Even one extra line will be removed so that it was imperceptible.

How to draw a harvester in stages

Any creative process can be divided into several stages. To quickly understand how to draw a food processor, you can use the step-by-step instructions. Below is a rough algorithm of actions:
  • To begin light pressure of the pencil to draw a rectangle of the cab and the wheels. This will allow you to determine the dimensions of the car.
  • cabin Details you can draw after. In the second stage it is necessary to represent the grind and millstones. It is a large cylinder that is located horizontally in front of the combine.
  • After that you need to draw a large pipe, through which will pour the grain into a truck.
  • main parts of the harvester ready, you can begin to detail. Here you can be creative.
to Draw the harvester is not as difficult as it may seem. Preparation process and slow action will produce a good result, which will be satisfied with both the adult and the child.