How to draw a witch: tools and step by step instructions

Many children and even adults would like to learn how to draw witches, because these characters can be nice, funny and fun. Especially cartoon rarely look intimidating. And to understand how to draw a witch does not have to be a professional artist because the process is not complicated.

most Often, witches are in old ragged robes and the broom. These elements of a drawing to portray a snap. As a rule, the greatest difficulty causes the face, but if you carefully examine it in detail and don't rush with it too. Main – to begin to create and then the question is, how to draw a witch, you will find your answer.

What to paint

What tools to take for drawing process – another important issue that must be determined before the start of the process. The children love the most colored pencils and pens, teenagers and adults prefer a simple pencil. It's an individual choice. The only thing to keep in mind when drawing, that traces of the pen or pens are impossible to erase from the sheet, so if there are errors or extra lines, they can no longer be corrected. Pencils easier: it can wield an eraser and correct any inaccuracies.

Children can help in drawing witches, for example, to depict for them the outline with a pencil, which then can be decorate with crayons or even paints. The difficulty is how to draw a witch with a pencil, should not be. Thus, the choice of tools for creativity is the main preparatory stage. The question how to draw a witch, is not as important as the choice of what to draw.

what to draw and where to put the picture

having Defined the instruments to be used in the creative process, you need to think, how to draw a witch, and then what to do with a picture. Best to take a landscape sheet without lines or squares – on it witch will look beautiful and attractive. Children's drawings can be inserted into frames and hang in the room. The child will be pleased to see your creativity and inspiration for further drawings.
Depicting a witch, you can come up with a little story about it, add other characters and with your child create a whole story. This creative process develops children's imagination and imagination, helps parents become closer to their children.

a step by Step guide for figure

the easiest way to learn to create such a masterpiece is to understand how to draw a witch step by step. Step by step, adding elements, will create a really awesome character from many children's fairy tales.

you Can try, for example, depict an evil old lady on a broom. For this you need to follow the instructions:
  • To begin to portray the eye, they will be easier to draw the lines of the face and head. Since the witch will look slightly to the side, one eye should look more than the other.
  • From the eyes draw the long hooked nose, mouth and chin with warts. On the nose, too, can portray a couple.
  • Next, draw a line hair, unwashed and disheveled. And on top of the brim. It is easy to portray: acute upper and buckle.
  • Next step is to depict the cloak. It is also slightly ragged, so his lines can be blurred and uneven. As the witch flies on the broom, the cloak will develop in the wind.
  • Under the cloak need to portray the hem of the dress, legs and broom. Witch is ready!
Performing all the steps of the phased pattern, you will understand how to draw a witch without a broom, standing, for example, on earth. Old evil will turn out funny and not scary at all.