Name of the circle of arts and crafts, work program, development

Select the name of the circle of decorative-applied creativity – the task is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The Union is not created for one year in the future, focused on the development of the group. Possible changes and additions to the work program, the emergence of new areas and age groups. All this makes the choice event responsible.

the Importance of further education

Children attending the club, acquire the skills that help them to learn in school. In addition, creative art with a passionate, caring teacher will make them more organized and manageable.
Fine motor skills that thrives in the classroom, gives you the opportunity to learn to write well, to put beautiful handwriting. It is known that it is also beneficial to children's mental performance.

Modern name of the circle in decorative-applied creativity will attract the attention of children, it will be interesting to go into it. In the process of creating works of art the little man will overcome the difficulties: learn patience, learn about their capabilities.
Boring stages of work, such as the monotonous operation that is repeated many times, the teacher will help you to perform mechanically. Then the head is freed for a conversation on an interesting topic. While the boys shade, glued, cut something, the teacher leads a story on a common theme.
a Collective work is critical to the socialization of the child. In the process of creating total works of children suffer mutual aid and the importance of the contribution of each to the common cause. The leader of the group and coordinates their actions, and is a member of the Executive.

a Circle PTA

This integrated approach very quickly forms a responsible, disciplined person. Widely used it A. S. Makarenko, directly involving children in active group work. For example, you can connect your children to choose the name.
Name of the circle of arts and crafts for preschoolers can consist of one word. A similar principle applies to the names of kindergartens. Well established names reflecting the activities of:
  • "Uma-ka".
  • "Risi-CA".
  • "Modelka".
  • "Igrushka".
  • "Podarok".
  • "Masterilka".
If the program is extensive enough to identify with one word, choose the General direction
  • "bring joy to people."
  • "bored".
  • "Young master".

Name mug

the Modern name of the circle in decorative-applied art should reflect its essence. First of all, you should determine the age group visiting the club. This will help to determine the directions of activities, which will be prepared after the working program. If areas of activity are several, it will reflect the petals on a flower (sunflower, Daisy, cornflower).

structure can go several groups:
  • Preschool.
  • Junior school.
  • high school.
Can be themed mugs with no age restrictions.
will Require uniting all directions name of the circle of arts and crafts. In this case, you can use birds:
  • "the Sparrows".
  • "the Falcons".
  • Eagles.
Or "Chicks". All together – a flock or a gaggle. The "Chicks" – his own, from the "eagles" – its. Logo – wooden lace bird. Possible – “Blue bird". In Arzamas there is such a children's club.

Original title circle of arts and crafts

There are certain restrictions on names. For example, if they found the city, you need to obtain a special permit. Same thing with crafts. The law protects original Handicrafts.
But decorative arts crafts from different technologies and the names of the children's clubs arts and crafts may use this terminology:
  • "Matryoshka".
  • "Wooden toy".
  • the"Painted Cup."
  • "Patterns".
  • "Golden flowers".
the Emblem is good to choose a sample of original works of Handicrafts. The work plan identifies the classical and modern technology, alternative methods of achieving similar results.
Because guys don't need to use special processing for edible use of the products in the plan could include a theoretical part about her tour «products Manufacturing factory”.

to call a circle? Examples

Examples of names mug arts and crafts to the following:
  • “Gems” – beading, decorating items, jewelry.
  • “Magic ball” – knitting, crocheting, lace, embroidery.
  • “Bear” - soft toys, dolls.
  • “the mummy” - decoupage, decoration, scrapbooking.
  • “Brush” - drawing, painting objects.
  • “Gingerbread house" - model (salt dough, plastic, clay).

About the existing clubs

To select a way useful to review the existing similar associations.
  • Circle of DPT “Skillful hands” S. Rich engaged in embroidery, knitting, bisurumisena. "Beautiful hands" - the training program developed by a teacher of Junior classes Smirnova E. V. For the academic year the children will learn how to make a toy, a herbarium, a brooch leather crafts seashell.
  • Association PTA "the Little magician" of the Samara. Directions Souvenirs, embroidery, soft toys, puppet theatre. For 4-7 years.
  • Circle of DPT “Wonderful workshop”, Ufa. Trascina N. M. clay applique, greeting card, paper flowers, quilling, origami, salt dough.
  • the Circle of the PTA in the gymnasium of Stavropol. The technology teacher Sarychev, Yu. a., grades 5-7. Woodcarving. Of the circle - amazing beauty.
  • Circle of DPT “decoupage – without borders», Moscow. Volkova T. M. Program for 1 year.
As you can see, it is possible not to complicate the activities of different related kinds of applied arts. Sosredotochit on one of them, you can give the children a good preparation and forward planning to schedule participation in exhibitions.

Choose the name circle of decorative-applied art: development

Choosing the name, consider euphony, the present, the interest of the children and more. If the name is a “Keeper”, “Victoria” the boys, quite possibly, will not go into it. Better “Sofia”.
don't be carried away choice as the names of the names of the heroes of popular cartoons. They change quickly, become irrelevant, and often old-fashioned. Classic titles, on all sides advantageous:
  • "Thread and needle".
  • the"knitting Needles and a ball".
  • "Paints and brushes".

These names could last for decades. If you change the name change documents and signs. It's uncomfortable. Moreover, the successor will have to assure. So let's mug from the constant name.


the Federal state educational standard REGLEMENTARE children's additional education after school. The new standards draw graduates of the elementary school or kindergarten creative, able to learn.
1. The circle is a teacher of additional education.
2. The teacher works in accordance with the educational program developed in accordance with the guidelines.
3. The program purpose-development of creative personality.
4. Application of methods of the GEF during the classes.
Name of the circle of arts and crafts GEF not reglamentary. It means freedom of choice of applied arts for the education and creative spirit among children.
Usually the teacher many domestic preparations, lesson plans, thematic books. All of this will be useful for the preparation of a working program.

work program

This document, which is being developed under the current GEF. The working program contains the following details that are printed on the title page:
  • the Name of the circle of arts and crafts.
  • name of the teacher and qualification.
  • Age group attending classes.
  • City, district, school, child care facility.
  • activity.
  • Materials.
  • Technique.
  • the Year.
the content of the document includes the following:
  • Explanatory note.
  • the aim of the course.
  • the course Structure.
  • the Tasks of each level.
  • the frequency of the lessons and their duration.
  • teaching Methods.
  • deliverables.
  • Methods of student assessment.
  • Materials.
  • safety.
  • Instructions.
  • the List of skills generated in the training process.
  • references.
  • agenda class.

Comprehensive program

the Circle, using a comprehensive approach to the development of a creative personality, has a slightly different thematic plan. This can be a rehearsal to prepare the show, a joint production of props and scenery, etc. the Teacher determines the number of hours required for the learning process.
Name of the circle of arts and crafts of the comprehensive programme – a difficult choice. There was found different types of art, to combine them into one – is a serious problem. The most appropriate seems to start from the ideas of the theater. Because the theater contains all kinds of visual art, we can offer you the following options:
  • the globe.
  • "PUPS" ("Let learning helps laughter").
  • "harlequin".
  • "Pinocchio."
  • onions.
Thematic lessons using music, pictures, songs and other types of work with children. The decorative component can be expressed in the manufacture of fake items.

Club for preschoolers

it is Very important to prepare children for school. It is important that not only the regime and discipline, patience and humility. Writing skills are easier for those kids who already know how to do something with her fingers.
Main purpose of this mug will work on fine motor skills. It's all kinds of jobs with the paper:
  • Bonding.
  • Cut the contour.
  • Origami.
  • Paper crafts.
  • Cardboard figures.
After paper work is completed, the product paint colors.

Manufacturing textured panels – is an exciting experience not only for children. At first the boys collect natural material
  • Leaves.
  • Acorns.
  • Small stones.
  • Shell.
  • Seeds of various plants.
  • Cones.
Then, create the crafts or paintings that can be hung on the walls of the room, or in the form of figurines. Can be depicts scenes from Russian fairy tales. Natural material can be painted with gouache, and after drying the coating of acrylic clear varnish. It is odorless and water soluble.
Names that are suitable for the working program of preschool age children:
  • "Developing skills".
  • "Before school".
  • "Skillful hands."

a Club for younger students

the Former practice electives gave tangible results: students, who visited them, did better in the subjects. A group of 10 persons – this is the optimum amount for informal classes.
In the process the teacher often goes to one and then to another student. The personal support specialist, and in time-is the key to success of the student. If enrolled a lot of guys, especially at the beginning of his work, to unite all one thing will help the overall work.
Distribution of tasks will give everyone a feel for the place and the work will go smoothly. In the winter when attendance falls, it will be possible to pay more attention to individual approach.
Direction, which children learn in elementary school:
  • clay equipment.
  • Salt dough.
  • Decorative card.

future development of circle

To the circle is not closed after the first year of life, should consider its potential of development. The program, which the children studied in the first year, will remain on second for those who first came to do. Second year – is another program, otherwise the children will be bored.
Thematic plans for each grade can have its own name. But the constant is the name of the circle of arts and crafts. Work programme each year includes repetition, consolidating the previously obtained skills and new material.
Technologies that require constant training, good to keep and develop. It can be the following types of work:
  • Lepka.
  • Risovanie.
  • Dekorirovaniya.
  • Site.
  • Vyshibanie.
  • Vyazanie.
  • artdolls.
Working with paper, most likely, will be already uninteresting guys. Although greetings loved ones can be left making greeting cards.
Third year (or a course for older children) can do not just dolls or soft toys, and puppets. Then we can play a little show. This will attract the attention of parents.
Participating in exhibitions – this is a quick way to succeed in your chosen field. Sometimes teachers don't want to associate yourself with it, explaining the workload. But the children who are preparing for competition, may devote a lot of time. Especially when you hear praise. Do not be afraid to announce participation in city, regional and other competitions. It is a good idea for future development.

Club can obtain an order for the production of promotional products, gifts, building model, etc – good advertising. Take photos of the stages of the process, take notes in the local newspaper, and everyone will know the name of the circle of arts and crafts. At the end arrange the celebration.
Then the children will have wings to fly to your favorite club, and their teacher will be a native one.