Mark Kistler: drawing lessons

mark Kistler taught to draw for millions of people. Some of them have made great strides in the fields of animation, illustration, architecture. Kistler have their own gear and a few books that help all those who decided to get closer to art.


Since childhood, mark Kistler has set a goal to learn to paint a million children. Although he himself at that time was only 15. On the eighteenth birthday he decided that will achieve the desired level for 21 years. Later, Kistler decided to create a program about drawing. This would help make learning more accessible. Two years later, the project was launched, and mark reached his goal. The program each week watching 11 million viewers. People were in awe of methods of teaching drawing at home. In five years, mark has created a new television program. It was learning more advanced techniques. Each show is filled with jokes and useful tips.
mark Kistler-drawing classes which made a big splash continues to teach, to participate in the programs, has released several books, DVDs. It is one of the most famous and best teachers of drawing in the world.


More than a dozen books on various topics, which are comprehensively reviewed the drawing area. Mark Kistler books which really help to learn the fine arts, created educational materials for different ages. The works of Kistler:
  • “You can draw in 30 days”.
  • «drawing in 3D with mark Gitlerom”.
  • “Imaginary station Mark Kistler. Learn how to draw a 3D drawing with the best teacher”.
  • «drawing in 3D. Unusual textbook”.
  • “You can do it in just 30 minutes: see and draw for half an hour”.
  • ‘Draw! Draw! Draw! Monsters & creatures with mark Gitlerom”.
  • ‘Draw! Draw! Draw! Animals of the cartoons with mark Gitlerom”.
  • ‘Draw! Draw! Draw! Robots, gadgets, space ships with Mack Gitlerom”.
  • ‘Draw! Draw! Draw! Crazy cartoons with mark Gitlerom”
  • “Gadgets and gizmos. Learn to draw in 3D”.
  • “Learn how to draw: Crazy characters”.
  • And more.

Best book

What book is loved not only by fans, but the mark Kistler? “You can draw in 30 days" is a book which enjoys the greatest popularity. It has been translated into Russian language, so many people in our country are trained on it. But what are its advantages?

Tasks go from simple to complex. First you learn the basics of drawing in elementary examples like the sphere, the square. Explanation available to any newcomer in this field. Materials you will need pencil, paper, eraser and cotton swabs (for blending). Lessons for exploration that needed colored pencils, markers, no. For those who studied at art school and is familiar with the basics of drawing, the book is likely to be not particularly useful. Since it is designed for entry-level training. Once you are familiar with the nine fundamental laws of drawing will not seem difficult. The main condition of the author — this is what you need to do every day at least for 20 minutes, then the result will be noticeable after a month.

what other works

mark Kistler in his books introduces his readers to the different areas of the drawing.
  • “Learn how to draw: Crazy characters” - this guide will teach you to draw three-dimensional images of ridiculous cartoon characters. Having mastered this book, the reader will learn how to create your own characters.
  • ‘draw’ a book that, as a show of Kistler filled with jokes. Thirty lessons smoothly from simple to complex and develop some drawing skills. Page is designed for hands-on participation, that is, the reader adds his touches in the course of studying books.

  • “Magic station Mark Kistler" learn to draw in three dimensions. The book has 36 exciting adventures. In the course of reading to develop drawing skills and eventually you will be able to create: dinosaur in the sky, the magical lunar base, unusual solar system, professional patrol pollution and more. A presentation of the material should appeal to children, and at the end of the book there is a special guide for parents and teachers.
  • ‘Build your own website with mark Gitlerom” it is a guide to designing and creating web sites. Information is provided in an accessible format, suitable for beginners, as the book is learning the basics of web design.
  • “You can do it in just 30 minutes: see and draw for half an hour” is not only suitable for beginners but those who have long been engaged in artistic creativity. Well-illustrated lessons, you learn how to draw objects from everyday life, spending only half an hour. The book contains many fresh information, it is full of artistic lifehacks and tips offered by mark Kistler. “You can draw in 30 days" is a good Supplement to this work.


Lessons Mark Kistler no wonder have become so popular, they really help any person to cease to be afraid of a blank sheet of paper. After studying a couple of textbooks on drawing, much can be done to improve your skills. The manner with which mark Kistler presents information, makes learning not only useful but also interesting. Learn to create is never too late!