How to draw death, step by step guide

For his life every man has to somehow deal with death. In many animated films and fairy tales, she is a character of events. Death can be both positive and negative character, depending on the intent of the author. In this article, we'll look at how to draw Death, what happens to this character, and whether his fear.

What is it like?

the Heroine of Death in different interpretations of the looks different. The classical artistic image – a female figure in a voluminous dark cloak with a hood. In the hands most often, she keeps a sharp scythe. Before you draw Death is pre-determined – in which she would pose. The most common:
  • stands Upright.
  • Sits sideways.
  • Sits or stands with his back to the viewer.
  • leaning on someone, or brandishing a scythe.
Inexperienced artist better to start with the most simple poses – when Death is standing vertically. In this case, it is intuitively clear what the character's proportions, how are the parts of the body and the folds of his cloak. More difficult poses should leave for the future, when they have obtained the necessary experience and skills.

of What to draw?

For the first sketches better to take a drawing paper and a pencil with an eraser. These materials are comfortable — if there is an error and want to fix it, it will be easy. To fill the work with color by using crayons or paints.

steps to create a pattern

To even the first drawings were good, you can use a step by step guide. Let us examine in detail how to draw Death step by step:
  • Note the basic proportions of the figure – growth, head, thickness of a trunk in the cloak.
  • the Planned tilt of the body at the shoulders.
  • Draws the head in the oversized hood.
  • the Planned arms in the sleeves – they bent at the elbows.
  • Make a sketch of hands holding the handle of the spit.
  • Proposed a braid, it should be long and sharp.
  • Proposed shadow area behind which hides the face.
  • Erase all extra lines.

Now that you understand how to draw the grim Reaper contour, you can move on to the shading or coloring. It should be borne in mind that the cloak heroine must be black or brown.

something to add to the image?

having Considered the question of how to draw Death, some artists may want to fill your job details. Most often in the graphic character Death can be seen with a scythe in his hand. In addition, it can keep watch (sand or mechanical), or a lighted candle is symbolic of the human soul. Depending on the purpose of the work, Death can be given and other relevant attributes.

If the picture means the background will look appropriate graves with tombstones, skeletons, bats, ghosts, angels or mystical symbols. Death doesn't always look like something scary or dark. In the good children's cartoons it is usually not scared, but protective. Sometimes, in the story, it can just warn or remind that everything in life is temporary…
Thus, after reviewing this material, the answer to the question of how to draw Death, it becomes more understandable and accessible even to the beginner in the visual arts.