How to draw cats-warriors - introduction

Wild cats of the series of novels written by a group of authors known for their mesmerizing adventure. Artist Dan Jolley created an exciting manga-books about cats-warriors. Many fans, wanting to portray a favorite character, this stops the lack of artistic experience. It turns out that there are special training techniques that will help to cope with this task. Before you draw cats-warriors, you should carefully look at the manga to understand the technique and details image of the main characters.

the Beginning

How to draw a fearless cat warrior that the process was most interesting, and the result is really impressive? First, you must prepare. Before you start painting, prepare the necessary tools for creativity: pencil, eraser and a sheet of paper. For conceptual works best is a pencil with hard lead – lines are thin, if necessary, they can always be corrected. When making images, give a richness and expressiveness, use a soft pencil. Eraser must be of good quality, do not leave dirty marks on the paper while removing unnecessary circuits.

Stages of drawing, sketch

Consider the scheme, how to draw a cat warrior pencil step by step. To create an accurate image, start with the simplest lines and shapes.

  • Draw on the paper circle, forming the basis of – the head and body.
  • In the circle of smaller size indicate the structure of the future faces.
  • Flowing lines mark the outlines of the legs.
  • Detail face – draw triangular ears, big eyes, nose, mouth. Give expression to the inherent nature of the drawn character.
  • Next stage is the line of the back, abdomen, front and hind legs. Drawing the breast, do this by using strokes that mimic hair.
  • Extend the line of the contour of the back to form a tail.

Initial sketch is ready. The final stage of the scheme, how to draw cats-warriors in stages, take a closer look. Gently remove the excess lines with an eraser. Pay attention clear detail - carefully draw whiskers, eyes, fingers, legs, hair. For a picture to be alive, you should give it more naturalness. To do this, take a soft pencil. Shading lines, create areas of shading and highlights, add some shadows for the volume. Now that you have completely finished the sketch, you can draw a picture with colored inks.


after evaluating the process, you will understand that the task of how to draw cats-warriors, it is not difficult. The essence of step-by-step drawing consists in the gradual creation of the painting. A simple scheme, which discussed in detail how to draw cats-warriors, useful to inexperienced master. Even an Amateur can master the basics of artistic skill and create a beautiful pattern quickly and easily. This is a great way of drawing, which can be used by any budding artist.