How to draw a "Gaelic" in stages? Draw "Gelendvagen"

Mercedes Gelandewagen – this is probably the most popular jeep in the world. Under the straightforward name actually is really called "the beast” is a powerful SUV.

“Car off-road” - so literally translated from German it's called. Using this article, you will learn how to draw "Gaelic", he - Mercedes G-class — "Gelendvagen". Begin to study such a simple operation.

How to draw a "Gaelic" in stages?

Step 1. First, mark the contours of the wheels and the machine body. All lines except the wheels should be straight. The lines that formed the front part of the body of the SUV are displayed in parallel.
Stage 2. Mark the outlines of the Windows, headlights and bumper draw. Between the headlamps sketch the grille. In the centre draw a circle - place where will be the logo of Mercedes.

[br]Step 3. Add details — draw wheels and tires on wheels, label side mirrors. Here set the location of the license plate and mark the approximate location of the door.
Stage 4. Turn over grille. In the middle of this element before you draw the circle, now came the time to draw within it the famous logo. The circle outline with a thin border around the edges.

Step 5. In the centre of the grille, draw a straight line, and the space of the grille cover cross. They should be thin and drawn, without much pressure on the pencil.
Step 6. Lights outline rectangles with rounded corners. Add volume at the top of the turn signals.
Stage 7. To properly convey the shape of the headlights, draw the rectangle so that your circle was placed about him smeshanno. Also draw a couple of faces to give inner recesses the headlamp.
Step 8. Under the top grille bumper draw. Then draw the lower grille. Here draw the panel for the number plate. Rotate the wing slightly above the wheel.
Step 9. Draw the side of a Mercedes. Use only smooth and straight lines. Here display the edging of the windshield and add the side mirrors.
Step 10. Previously marked lines draw the contours of the doors. Window highlight it by light shading.
Step 11. Stages for the driver and passengers are considered an integral part of the design of the SUV. It is important for such tall cars like the Mercedes G-class. Now paint flat and wide step, which is placed between the wheels on the side.
Step 12. Draw a wheel "Mercedes". Draw discs are curving and flowing lines similar to the stars. Don't forget to outline the inner part of the wheel.[br]you should make a picture of "Mercedes Gelenvagen". The work is simple and contains no complex artistic techniques.

Some advice

to Represent "Gelendvagen" without a phased approach very difficult. Need to consider the sequence of execution. Need to know where to start drawing and how to draw parts of the car. Not to miss important details:
  • first, you need to sketch the car.
  • After that, carefully outline the back of the SUV. Remove unnecessary construction lines.
  • Next, brush wheel, car Windows and other small details of the car.
  • you will Need to draw lines and minor elements. Extra construction lines clean using the eraser.
  • Start sestryonka drawing showing volumetric images.
  • If your Mercedes-Benz G dark color, you need to tint the car. Glare can be applied using a triangular eraser. If you don't have one in stock, you can cut simple.
  • In conclusion, go to your eraser over the Windows and body, making them lighter. Add the rest of the highlights on the Mercedes the same way.

tools and materials

Before you start to work and understand how to draw "Gaelic", you will need to prepare the office:
● Simple pencil.[br]● White sheet of paper.[br]● Eraser.[br]● Black and white pencils.[br]● picture or image of the Mercedes.
as well As the desire and good mood.

Final phase

after Completing familiarization with the provided article, you learned how to draw "Gaelic" with a simple pencil fast and realistic. The result of hard work is the knowledge of how to display most cars. To safely handle the drawing of new models and create your own collection.