Sketches watercolor: how to develop creativity

the watercolor Technique is quite varied, but challenging. Paint must be diluted with water, due to this they are becoming more mobile. In turn, this allows you to use different techniques to work out the details and perform a wide fill, add one stroke to another.
Learning to draw, useful to do sketches in watercolor. It is very important to see the work holistically and to feel picturesque.


  • do Not be afraid to draw. To depict vegetables, fruits or landscapes, everyone can, the main thing-to believe in themselves and to find inspiration.
  • watercolor paper plays an important role, it depends on the final result. I need to test all the known varieties of leaves to choose a perfect paper. The leaves need to make notes (paper weight, the grade and what the result was).
  • when visiting the Park or other scenic place, you need to take your camera with you. After all photographs in the future will be able to inspire the creation of new works. Starting to create new sketches in watercolor, this picture will remind you what they look like.
  • to remove from brushes excess moisture, you will need napkins or paper towels.

Sketches watercolor: fruit and vegetables

Learning watercolor painting is carried out in stages. Start with more simple tasks and only then move to the more complex. To begin nature as you can use any fruits or vegetables. The main challenge in this case – the transmission of tones and the portrayal of the volume of objects with background and shadow.
first step is to draw the outlines using a simple pencil. Better not to use the eraser tool and simply paint a thin lightly visible clarifying line. Not to forget the shadows, can be slightly obscure the necessary parts.

Next, leaving the highlights in the right places, the entire surface of the pattern fill in the lightest shade. When wet, the substrate is ready, start to write the selected vegetable or fruit. The first should be a semitone, then, build on it, write shadow and light. In conclusion, it remains to clarify the tonal decisions.
having Mastered the etudes vegetables, watercolor will not be a problem, and then you can go to image several vegetables or fruits, then a pitcher and still life.

How to draw a landscape in watercolor

the Atmosphere of watercolor sketches-it's just one moment, the fleeting state of nature, which managed to capture the artist watercolorist.
Starting to draw sketches watercolor landscape the first thing to imagine in my head. The artist must determine how much space will occupy the sky, and how-land. Often the horizon line is lowered slightly below the middle, and is a composite right. Watercolor sketch start painting the sky, especially if the artist chose wet technique.
In the second phase, draw the infinity plane. Increase shadow tone. At this stage it is necessary to focus not only on planes but also on the individual parts. Final stage – working with thin brushes, they work out the fine details and make the picture complete.

Sketches of flowers in watercolor

When the young artist begins to draw a bouquet of flowers, the first thing he sees – many small twigs and flowers. However, one should not wonder. Grasp the job, the first thing it is necessary to arrange the flowers in the correct order. Back create smaller flowers they portray on and they need to be smaller.
From the edges of the sheet need to back off for 3-4 cm – this is the frame that should not be crossed. Preliminary picture need to sketch with a pencil, it is not necessary to pressure him not to deform the paper. The composition should resemble a geometric figure (triangle or oval).
Working with paints on the palette, you must prepare a selection of cold and warm shades that will be present in the picture. Start with the background, initially working with light colors and then dark areas with shadow.
Then move to drawing the flowers. Originally scheduled to light shades, and then scumbling a thin layer add shadows to the petals. You need to pay attention to in the background appeared a lot of small parts.

Sketches with watercolors it is necessary to write generally, it's better to do “raw” to one color smoothly into another. Are unique shades, and the pattern turns out alive. Just need to paint small petals and stems with a thin brush.


Watercolor is very similar to gouache, so you can use them together. The difference between these colors in the transparency. Watercolor is more transparent than gouache. This property determines the final result. However, these two techniques are based on similar techniques.
Creating sketches in watercolor, it is necessary to control the amount of water in which to dilute the paint. The liquid not only dissolves the paint and makes it more transparent, but also determines the degree of definition of the future drawing. Therefore, the best way to learn the watercolor techniques of determining the necessary amount of water.