How to draw Monster high Catherine de meow gradually and without problems

“Monster high" is a popular animated series. By the way, there are already feature-length film. One of the charming characters, namely Catherine de meow, has appeared in the TV series not so long ago, and in the film she is allotted a small role. However, this did not prevent her to have fans who often wonder how to draw Monster high Catherine de meow?


to understand how to draw Monster hi Catherine de meow, you need to know how it differs from the other heroines of the series. First and foremost, in the girl's appearance, you can highlight a beautiful crown cat ears and a thin tail. Also, she has soft white fur, bright blue eyes. It is possible to notice the presence of a small mole on his cheek.
Outfits the girls are not deprived of elegance. She always appears on the heels and not very long skirts. It is also noteworthy that, according to Catherine de meow, it is home for the fourth of their lives. Translated into human - she's seventeen.
to these signs it is easy to distinguish among other students. Is a humble girl who loves to draw. She is a true artist. Like she know exactly how to draw Monster hi Catherine de meow pencil step by step.
With all this Katherine girl modest. Not in its rules to include nights, discos or parties. It was during this period she creates her little masterpieces. Despite its bright appearance, the heroine refers to those individuals who do everything themselves, without the help of others.

picture Katherine

you first need to draw the figure of Catherine de meow. The easiest way to find the appropriate thumbnail and copy it. But you can do another thing. Should line sheet horizontally into zones. It will be the head, body and legs. You need to remember that the feet of the heroines of the series greatly exceed the length of the body.
How to draw Monster high Catherine de meow on? Just need to draw a girlish figure, keeping the aspect ratio inherent in girls of “Monster high" and to add her beautiful hair and distinctive signs of Catherine. These include, as mentioned above, the tail, ears and a mole.
At the final stage, do not forget to erase the pencil sketches, which can spoil the appearance of the figure. Also it should colorize the image using the primary colors of this character, namely, purple, violet, white.

to Draw the heroines of the series simply because they are the characters in someone's imagination. And Catherine de meow also has distinctive features.