How to draw a sneakers beautifully

the Sneakers are called sports shoes. It can be from fabric or leather with thick soles. Modern teenagers wear sneakers, in particular, and as casual shoes. This article will examine, how to draw shoes and why it might be needed.

Who and why

Children and adolescents love to draw interesting objects that surround them. Sneakers often look stylish and bright, so the desire to draw is quite clear. Look on my drawing of a man, it must also be shod. Sporty look may be appropriate in the figures of different styles. Sometimes children do not know how to depict a particular object, for example how to draw shoes, and ask for help or parents. This can help manual provided in the article below.

Location shoes

Portraying shoes as an independent object, it usually draw in a number of common provisions. Most often you can find sneakers, drawn from the side or three quarters. If a couple is portrayed, the best place to locate sneakers asymmetrically, for example, one frontal, the other in three quarters, or one in three quarters, and the second is a sock on the ground. Thus, painted shoes looks more natural and interesting.

the Stages of a pattern

let us Consider more specifically how to draw shoes step by step:
  • Mark overall dimensions (height, width, length of toe, etc.).
  • Make the outline contour of the Shoe.
  • Outline the area with the laces the sole.
  • Draw the laces.
  • Add details-seams, sticker, labels, etc.
  • Draw drop shadow from the shoes.
  • Erase the construction lines with a soft eraser.


End pattern

Solving the problem, how to draw shoes with a pencil, you can modify the pattern at will – add shading, volume, color. In the drawn form is always good shoes bright saturated colors. Therefore, the sneakers can be painted in red, turquoise, green, yellow etc look good contrasting lettering and graphics. The laces and soles on the sneakers most often white.
you can Also study the background of the picture – beautiful can look like splashes, lines, stars, letters, and similar items. They should do a pale or neutral color to the sneakers stood out and was seen as the main object of the work.
you can Also draw some kind of sports or youth background – balls, monkey bars, graffiti, urban landscape... in a word, to draw the shoes – the challenge interesting and creative. Ways of solving many – remains to choose the most suitable and safely get to work!