How to draw a light bulb quickly and easily

Today we consider how to draw a light bulb.

Preparation for painting lamp

this Task is not difficult and even interesting. After all, it requires manifestation of creative abilities and imagination.
Take a light bulb and put in front of him on the table. Before you start painting, take a good look at her. Then you can leave it in front of him or clean up and paint from memory.
Pay special attention to the delicate components inside the bulb. If you do not want to devote time to such small details, take a look inside the bulb schematically, in the form of light, for example.

Draw a light bulb step by step

so, how to draw a light bulb in stages? This will be discussed below.
Prepare a paper, pencil and eraser.
  • Draw a circle. In the middle draw a line that will go below outside the circle, showing the entire length of the bulb.
  • Continue to draw the shape of the lamp, extending the circle so as to form something began to resemble a pear.

  • Now draw – cap. This metal fin base light bulbs, which are actually screwed.
  • Draw the edges of the cap, swiping a parallel, slightly curved lines. Blend fleece, paper or finger.

  • place the cap, erase all the extra lines.
  • Now you want to draw "inside" the bulb. It is difficult to remember the look of all the components, especially if you have no technical education. So that the image is as accurate as possible, criswite all the details with this lamp. So, draw the leg lamp, the current input, transmissive electrodes, the body of the filament, and the holders, on which is fixed the body.
  • Shade the entire glass base of the lamp, and then blend. Center shoot slightly.
  • Move the contours of the entire bulb.
  • using the eraser to make highlights on the surface. Point the middle of the light bulb.
  • Hover over the edges of the cap, stroke and do the little patches of light on the left side of the thread.

Here is how to draw a light pencil is easy and simple. If you have any problems with the drawing of the inside of the bulb, then try to portray the figure with no details, but in this case, the light will not look very realistic.

How to draw a light bulb daylight

alternatively, you can learn and try how to draw a light bulb daylight, or, as it is called luminous.
to Portray this kind of lamp will be easier because you do not need to draw the "inside". They come in different shapes and sizes, but generally they all have the shape of the letter "P".

to understand how to draw a light bulb daylight, just. Look at the picture. Draw the U-shaped basis, draw two parallel tubes, then a rectangular base with a ribbed base. Stroke Foundation, making the ribbed base is darker. Blend using the fleece.
Pay attention to the brightening and darkening certain parts of the lamp. Usually fills close to you side.
daylight Lamp is ready.