Still life "Apples" with different objects

Draw - not such a hard task as it seems at first glance. To draw a still life "Apples" will be able even a novice.

"Apples in the bowl"

to draw a still life "Apples", need nature. You can find a photo or create your composition. What to do:
  • First label on a sheet of paper where the light falls. This will help when you begin to draw the shadow.
  • Mark the line of the horizon, namely a table on which stood a bowl.
  • Draw an ellipse which will serve bowl. For convenience, draw vertical and horizontal lines. Mark the location of the apples. Do this easily by clicking on the pencil, because drawings often have to be adjusted.
  • Give the bowl shape, draw the bottom and finish with the shape of the apples, add twigs, mark the location of the flare (should be located on upper convex parts of the fruit) and shadow (on the opposite side from the light source).
  • Add the tone to the whole picture, except for the places glare.
  • Add a shadow that falls from the bowl and placed inside it. Give the apples of the volume.
drawing is ready!

"Apple and pear"


to draw a still-life painting "Apple and pear", you will also need either a photo or nature. How to draw:

  • draw a line that shows what objects are on the surface. It should be unclear, partly because it will have to erase.
  • Check where is the light source.
  • Mark the shape of fruits, twigs. To create the pear, first draw a circle and intersecting it with the oval. Smoothly connect the two pieces and wipe off excess.
  • Give the fruit a more distinct form. Show that apples are narrowed down, and they have a notch at the location of the branch.
  • Start coloring the figures. As planned, one of the apples Burgundy color, so it will be different. In the place where the pieces touch, you need to show the falling apart of the shadow.

  • to create a shadow, adjust the pressure of the pencil. Show glare, they are located on convex parts of the fruit, which is directed to the light source. The shadow falls in the opposite light direction.
  • Add the speckles on the apples.

"Pitcher and Apple"

to get the still-life "Pitcher and an Apple next to a vase", you need to:
  • As always, first draw the horizon line and the light source.
  • Outline the approximate shape of a vase, bowl with apples and in the last turn of the jug. The tanks mark the bottom, even though it will not be visible, but it will help in the effective forms. Then extra lines will be deleted.
  • Draw the elements of the vase, its neck. The same is done with a pitcher and apples.
  • Identify the location of the shadow. It must be curly because falling from the pitcher. The shadow from the vase and bowl with Apple breaks because it falls on the wall. Mark places glare.
  • to Indicate the shadow, to show the shape of the containers, standing on the table.

pattern color

is Much more attractive still life "Apple," which painted. It can be absolutely any material. But not everyone can paint, so you should start with the pencils. The markers are not suitable, because the possibility of a smooth transition of colours will not be with them.
first make a sketch a simple pencil. The line should be as pale. Drawing in pencil, adjust the brightness by pressing force. Place glare is better not to touch.

Tips for painting with watercolors
  • to draw a still life "Apples" watercolor you will need a palette.
  • the lighter should be the color, the more water you need to mix the paint and Vice versa.
  • always Start with painting the entire surface of the object with paint, heavily diluted with water. Then you can add the details more vivid colors.
  • Excess and drips can be wiped with a paper towel.
  • Apply a new layer is possible only if the old was dried up.
  • Brush for drawing should be sharp, otherwise it will be difficult to work with it or the picture will be sloppy.
Now you know how to create and paint a still life of "Apples"!