How to draw a chair on the steps?

Seat – is a convenient piece of furniture intended for sitting. They are different in design, are made of different materials but have the same goal – to create a comfortable and convenient place for the person. Artists sometimes you need to paint a room with furniture or a specific piece of furniture. In this article, learn how to draw a chair. This information can be useful both for beginner and experienced artist as well as parents who themselves teach your child to draw.

Selection of materials

when Deciding on how to draw a chair, you need to first understand what this picture needed. Depending on the assigned tasks before the work will have to determine the materials. As the basis of the picture is usually taken, thick paper, pencil, "watercolor" - for watercolor or pastels. Build and sketch of a chair is better to do a simple pencil of medium hardness. Will use a soft eraser which does not deform the paper. The finished sketch can be completed in pencil, colored with colored pencils or gouache with the children or to make him a real watercolor masterpiece. If work is done by the child, better to stop the choice on the pencils – even if something need to fix with an eraser it will turn out easily and quickly.

the Steps required to image the chairs

let us Consider in more detail the question of how to draw a chair with a pencil in stages:
  • first is a sketch-outline dimensions, size of seat, back, leg height, the thickness of the armrests, etc.
  • Then draw the shape.
  • Adds thickness all the soft elements of seats – often the armrests are rounded, the back and seat are soft and also have sufficient volume.
  • Draw the legs – they have a thickness and can be round, oval or square in cross-section.
  • to Complete the build by setting out the outlines of the pattern on the upholstery and the shade.

Thus, it becomes clear that the solution of the problem how to draw a chair quite available to anyone, regardless of original creativity.

Who are interested to paint furniture?

People love to draw everything that surrounds them. For example, attention can attract computer chair. It can be a very comfortable, ergonomically shaped, have bright or, on the contrary, understated color, convenient wheels, and even many advantages.

to portray a piece of furniture, you should first make a sketch and indicate General dimensions. Then draw the design back and seat. The armrests make this chair a single unit (in other models they may not be or they may be attached separately). Completing the construction, we need to identify the leg and the wheels. The finished outline is complemented by detail, shadows, volume, if necessary, painted with colored pencils, gouache or watercolor.
Now the question about how to draw a chair, should not cause difficulties. Ready to work to draw a frame or write to the memory as a reminder of the first steps in drawing.