How to draw a heart on the cell: three ways

Wanting to pass the time, we often draw in notebooks simple patterns. But if the image is beautiful – even a simple – the mood immediately lifted. Well, let's look at how to draw a heart on the cell.


Symmetrical pictures create the easiest. Imagination need only one half of the picture, and the second draw by analogy. For a start let us examine the simplest example of a heart.

Paint two lines for 4 square. Period make three boxes. Then connect them together as shown below.

Descend diagonally one cell. Then draw a vertical strip with a length of 5 squares.

Now lower diagonal line in 7 cells.

Similarly, add the second half. Leave room for the highlight.

so, we talked about how to draw a heart on the cell. It remains only to paint it. Outline done in black for clarity only. Can choose any color.

Heart with wings

It was time “give” our heart wings. As a basis we take the last drawing.

From the corner of the sideline paint horizontal stripes with a length of 2 squares. Then climb diagonally on 3 cells and now paint a vertical strip of 2 squares.

Now we need three horizontal lines of length 2, 6 and 4 cells.

Make the tip of the wing, as shown in the figure. Then do the vertical first 5 squares, then 4.

we Continue to lower the wing.

Now we need to make the bend. Sketches of cells with the letter “G” (three horizontal and one down). Come one step diagonally, painted a line of 5 squares and go up one step on the diagonal.

Draw the strip into 4 squares and connect the wing with the heart. The contour is ready!

Now withdraw the ‘feathers’.

we Perform the above steps on the other side.

we Now know how to draw on the cell of a heart with wings!


We discussed two examples of drawings, consisting of similar halves. If you have successfully done, proceed to something more challenging. The third picture will be asymmetric!
How to draw a heart on the cell in this case? Draw the outline of the first part, as shown in the diagram. Please note that the bending point and tip are not on the same line.

Now draw the second part. Its upper edge is located higher than the first half.

Coloring heart. Don't forget to highlight the highlights.

Now you know different options for how to draw a heart on the cell. Boldly experiment and invent new ways. Don't be afraid to awaken the artist within!