How to draw "Zeropolis" and heroes from it?

full-length cartoons loved by many adults and children. One of the most interesting cartoons about animals 2016 is “Zeropolis”. This is the city where all live-all animals. They work, go shopping, have fun, make friends and compete. In short, live a normal “human” life. A after viewing this picture wondering how to draw «Zeropolis”. In this article we will look at how to solve this problem.

to Whom it may be of interest?

Children love to draw and paint characters from favourite cartoons. It's much more interesting than playing an abstract bears and dogs. When the hero is a familiar name and character, he immediately gets closer. Such a figure, the child will realize with interest, and then likely to want to hang on the wall.

what to pay attention?

Understanding how to draw «Zeropolis” and his characters should pay attention to the following features:
  • first, all characters have their own character. It is passed in characteristic poses, the clothes and the accessories of the characters.
  • secondly, the animals in the cartoon bright, in clothes of rich colors.
  • third, in the background you can use cityscapes skyscrapers, and signage, and of course natural open spaces.
Therefore, deciding how to draw «Zeropolis”, we need to combine all these characteristic nuances to convey the character of the cartoon as a whole.

How to draw characters?

In the previous part we looked at how to draw «Zeropolis”. Judy. – the main character, zaychiha. In the story, she became friends with a Fox named Nick Wilde. These characters represent both together and separately. If the child asks to draw a good sachiho Judy, it is possible to represent an ordinary white rabbit with big beautiful blue eyes and a kind smile. When the image of the portrait should begin with a marking of proportions. Then is depicted as:
  • round (head);
  • ovals (ears);
  • neck and shoulders.
the Sketch is complemented by the eyes, nose and smile. All parts of the person Judy must be symmetrically located with respect to the Central axial line of the head.

you can Also beautifully complement her image of a police cap or form. After the completion of the sketch need to delete all the construction lines with the eraser. Pencil drawing you can give the child coloring with crayons or paints.

Therefore, the question of how to draw a “Zeropolis” and his characters, may well be decided by each.