10 stolen art that was never found

ironically, high art produces not only great admiration, but also greed. The cost of the works of the great masters millions of dollars, so they disappear with surprising regularity. Some valuable items found, and they return to the museums and private collections. Many are still missing, and for information about them promised a solid reward. Here are 10 missing works of art, which would have made you fabulously wealthy, if you knew where to find them.

"Bridge, Charing Cross, London", Claude Monet

Painting was stolen in the fall of 2012. One of the thieves, convicted of theft, claimed to have burned her in the furnace of his mother. However, no conclusive evidence confirming the words of the offender, was never found, and the famous painting by Monet is currently considered missing.

8 Faberge eggs

For the Russian Imperial court, Carl Faberge firm produced 52 eggs. Art in its time belonged to Alexander III and Nicholas II. In 1918, when it came to the end of the Romanov dynasty, and the last of its representatives killed, a collection of Faberge eggs were confiscated. However, 8 of them disappeared. The loss of valuable jewelry, of course, did not go unnoticed. Now every missing Faberge egg valued in excess of $ 1 million.

"Christ in the storm on the sea of Galilee", Rembrandt

Only picture of the seascape of the famous Dutch artist was stolen in 1990. In 2013, the FBI believed that he had identified her kidnappers. However, the whereabouts of the paintings is still not defined. Person who has information about the picture, will get a reward of $ 5 million.

"the Righteous judge", Jan van Eyck

Fold "the Righteous judge" was part of the famous "Ghent altarpiece". In 1934 she was kidnapped. In it confessed the theft of one of the residents of Ghent, however, he was dying and refused to reveal the secret of its location. Her, said the thief, he will carry with him to the grave. Probably the thief did. There is the assumption that the sash is destroyed, but the search continues to this day.

"Concert", Jan Vermeer

Reason for the disappearance of Vermeer's paintings was the same theft, which is forever concealed from the eyes of the "Righteous judges" of van Eyck. The painting is worth approximately $ 200 million. That's probably why it was stolen.

"Girl at an open window" of Paul Gauguin

a Picture painted with Gauguin in 1888, was stolen in Rotterdam in 2012. in Addition, the thieves took with him another 6 paintings with a total value of 18 million euros. Although the two men responsible for the theft, was caught, 7 stolen paintings is still not found.

"Dove with green peas" Pablo Picasso

All creations of the Spanish artist are valued extremely highly, so they become objects of attention of thieves. "Dove with green peas" was among the 5 paintings by Picasso stolen in 2010 from the Paris Museum of modern art. The total value of the missing works of Picasso amounted to 100 million euros. The thief was caught. On interrogation he claimed that he threw the picture in the trash, because I panicked. A very dubious story. Perhaps that is why the paintings are now missing.


As the work of Picasso, Stradivarius instruments are very expensive. So, violin, made by master in 1727 and stolen in 1995, estimated at $ 3 million. Where it is, is still unknown, and it is extremely frustrating. Because in the world there are only 650 original Stradivari instruments.

"out of the Congregation of the reformed Church in Nyuenene" and "a view of the sea at Scheveningen," Vincent van Gogh

Both paintings were stolen in 2002. Now their total cost is about 30 million euros. Of course, for information about the paintings of the great artist Museum Amsterdam Vincent van Gogh was offered a considerable sum. If you had information about them, you would be richer by 100 euros.

However, in early 2017 in the media appeared information that the paintings were among others the values discovered in the sanctuary of the mafia in Naples. When they return to Holland, is still unknown.