How to draw the stones with a pencil step by step instructions

every day we are confronted with stones in the street, in the masonry of houses, bridges, gift shops and jewelry. Where else? Yes, almost everywhere encountering the idea of a stone. Now quite popular fireplaces from natural stone. Some of it is made countertops for tables and railings for stairs. Products from some types of natural stone is strong and durable.

Important element of the picture - the stone

Not everyone, even the most experienced artist knows how to draw rocks correctly and is realistic. The reason for this is the variety of types of stone and the specific light transmission depending on the selected object type. Meanwhile, a similar problem can occur at any time during the creation of a landscape or urban part of the city.

the Detailed description below will explain how to draw a stone with a pencil, gradually and correctly. In addition, the article describes step-by-step option for the creation and coloring of the gemstone.
To start, you will remember what the stone. In addition, you will need to determine its type and what role it performs in the specifics of the drawn image.
Use the same techniques and principles of drawing that apply to the transmission of complex objects. For fans to draw from life before you how to draw stones of the world around them, to explore details of the finished work of experienced artists. You have to make the picture more interesting if you posted different shape and size of the stones.

How to draw stone in stages?

Step 1. Draw a large boulder. Start making a pencil sketch first in darker areas. Bright region outline using a softer pencil. Use random short marks. Concentrate on the shaded areas and the recesses.

Step 2. If you have displayed is not all of the preliminary details, then take clutch pencil narcochannel end and a flat, smooth layer put the finishing touches on the entire surface. In lighter areas, use a 4N, and in darkened areas of 2H. Don't forget about the lighting on corners and planes. From transmission of light depends on the realism of the resulting images.
Step 3. Use a soft mechanical pencil start creating textures. Use random short marks to transfer the rough surface and pits. Use the soft pencil, drawing them on top of a solid layer. You know that soft pencil on top of a solid may create a rather uneven surface. But this approach creates an amazing “miracles” in establishing a rough random texture. In particular, when drawing a mountain of stones, this method will facilitate the work and reduce the time.
Position of the beveled end of the pencil is very important. This way will make a wide flat bar. Continue to draw new layers. In the process, use the eraser, using it, you'll have to create a small pinpoints of light.

types of rocks

Before you can add to any picture element of the stone, must be determined in the object type.
There are many varieties of rocks: shale, Sandstone, volcanic rock, boulders, limestone, granite. If your work uses urban vintage style or the mountains, it is likely that there will be a question about how to draw stone granite. As a rule, this material was used for paving roads in the past.

● Rough stones of the deep[br]This kind are natural and rough. Each of them is different and unique.
Display of such objects-a complex process. But step-by-step giving tone to the picture element simplifies the work. The outer contour of some of the stones in the background is determined by the chiaroscuro following him.
● the Protruding stones[br]an Example is the rocks up.[br] the ends do seem a little lighter. Use continuous line to cause light and shade, the changing pressure on the pencil. This method will add the depth and shading of the drawing object.

materials and tools

Before you paint the stones, of course, need to prepare. You will need the following stationery:
  • White sheet of paper.
  • pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Pencils 2H and 4H (welcome bigger range).
  • Ruler.

How to draw pencil stones: boulders

Step 1. First, you need to sketch. Indicate on paper where you will be located in the boulders.

Step 2. Give them a rounded form.
Step 3. Circle the sharper the contours of the contact areas and boulders. Consider in the process of chiaroscuro.
Step 4. Now add vegetation and shading draw the shadows to give more realism.

Simple advice

● please Indicate the main parameters and shape of the picture element. Draw the outlines of stones. In the sketch, use different shapes and sizes of objects to convey realism.
● Set the light and dark areas. Add additional lines to indicate light and dark areas on the rocks. If the light needs to fall right from the top, hence the marks on the stones need to be placed on the top right side. The darkest part of the rocks – with the lower left side.

● Apply shadows and shading. Use continuous vertical sequential touches to the surface of the stones looked smooth. To create shading and volume of stones, it is necessary to strengthen the left side color.

Precious stone – a simple drawing technique

You are interested in specifics of how to draw a gemstone and to preserve resemblance to the original?

In reality to portray “expensive” the stone is not a difficulty. This will be done in just a few steps. It will take only pencil, ruler, eraser and paper.

Step 1. Draw two different geometric shapes. Draw the bottom of an inverted regular triangle, and over it draw a trapezoid.
Step 2. Then from the top of the triangle guide at different angles, the two straight lines, which abut the base of the trapezoid.
Step 3. Inside the trapezoid, draw two curved lines that mark the edge of the new element.

[br]to Your attention are presented in the figure above, various versions of gems. Choose and try to draw.

Draw a diamond (cut diamond)

● the First step is to build a right angle with the ascending up the rays.

● On the beams it is necessary to designate a symmetric point. They watertite blunt angles. Their beams should be induced to each other.
● you have a straight line to combine symmetrical points on the rays obtuse angles. This line should be parallel to the base of the triangle with a right angle which began the build.

● draw a straight uniting the vertices of obtuse angles.
● Then a right angle, divide the rays into three equal angles.
● All points of intersection of the rays obtained angles need to connect with broken corners. And with the middle of top straight parallel to the base of a right triangle.
* In the most extreme angled triangles of the form, you must enter “mirror” figures. For this purpose the base is divide into three equal pieces. From the first point construct the angle whose rays should fall on the side of the triangle is not symmetrical points. The external transition should be slightly below internal. Then connect a straight line is obtained and the second point. So you have a triangle with a median.
●in addition, it is necessary to produce symmetrical construction.
● On the top part of the diamond draw faces that form a variety of geometric shapes. It is very important to observe the symmetry of an object.
● In the middle triangle in the bottom element cut diamond fits the diamond.

When working with color it is recommended to pay considerable attention to the shades. In order to show how the stone sparkles and shines, you must give the diamond some transparency.

When coloring will need to impose various hues at various facets of the diamond.

Final phase

the article described in detail how to draw pencil stones: diamond, boulders and rocks, lightweight and accessible way.
Drawing stones is a painstaking and difficult task. However, having overcome this barrier, you will improve your skills. Hope that you will pass this lesson and get pleasure from the process of creating their own masterpiece.