The first anime in history

In our country the anime – it is a prerequisite for the emergence of a subculture in Japan – a special segment of the economy, which brings good income to the state Treasury. Disputes about how, when it became the first anime, don't stop today. Previously, there was no studios to create films, and all were performed by the fans, so a lot of information was lost.

100th anniversary anime

According to unofficial sources, in 2007, exactly 100 years from the day when it was created the first anime. A few years earlier, namely in 2005, there was the ribbon of celluloid, which was drawn footage. It is considered the oldest animation work, the creation of which dates back to 1907.

Tape consisted of 50 personnel. They were shown OYASH (regular Japanese high school student), who wrote on the Board the kanji: 活動写真 (katsudo the Sasin), which means “active”. After he turns to the audience and bows, taking off his hat, which was part of the then school uniforms. Who was the author of this animation is unknown, as it was the continuation of this story or not.

First anime

Officially, it is assumed that the first anime in the world dates back to 1917. The Director of this animation was Simokawa Dakotan, and the tape was called Suketchi no nyūarubamu (“New album sketches”). A year later, in 1918, his animation is “Close”. Somewhat later appears in the animated movie “Battle of the monkey and the crab" (Sarutokani notatakai) Koh Satara. These two Directors considered to be the pioneers of the genre of Japanese animation.
First animated cartoon lasted no more than 5-6 minutes. They showed ordinary scenes from Japanese life, fairy tales or mythology. Tape created a single-cartoonists who worked in their homes. The artists took into account the experience of the animators from Europe and the States and eventually got a genre that can be seen today.

To date, the first anime the beginning of the twentieth century was irretrievably lost. There are only some of the information that these works demonstrated in public and in cinemas, while collecting money. The very first animators worked at home, their work was simple and straightforward. Perhaps that is why they quickly won over the audience.

First Studio

The first anime was created by lone enthusiasts, and animators covered their expenditures that sold the rights to show in cinemas. When anime began to speak as an independent genre to its formation joined the company «Takamasa Aiga” and “Asagi, Kinema" has been actively engaged in the development of this industry. The first Studio, which was based on the creation and production of animated films, appeared in 1932 on the initiative of Masaoka Kenzo. The first Studio was named after its Creator – “Masaoka Film Production». In 1933 the Studio released its first work entitled ‘the world”.

the Development of the genre

In 1958, the animated films was an independent branch of Japanese animation. And at the end of the twentieth century they were officially recognized as an art form. At this time a wider audience was shown such films as:
  • “Legend of the white winter”, the author of which was Taiji of Yabushita. The film was released in 1958 with the support of animation Studio “Toei”, the total duration of the tape was 1 hour and 19 minutes.
  • “Calendar Studio Otogi” was recognized as the first documentary anime series. Its production lasted from 1961 to 1962. The Director of bands – the founder of the Studio «Otogi”, Ryuichi Yokoyama Isamu.

Beginning of the anime boom in Japan dates back to 1963, when the OAM Tezuka, known as the “genius of the manga" founded his own Studio, “Mushi Production” and presented the first series called “Mighty atom” or “Astro battle”.

The first love

the Anime in the 70-ies of the last century began to develop with unprecedented speed. Changed everything – from drawing up the genre. The features of the images and more attention has been paid to the eyes of the characters – they were made all the more expressive. If in 60-ies of the image was trying to do natural, similar to a living person, after a decade multipliers improved the panache of the eye. This allowed more available to uncover the amplitude of the feelings and emotions of the main characters.
did Not remain without attention and the genre rasfasovka. The work was intended not only for children but also for adults. In the first anime series addressed themes of everyday life of the employees of the studios. For children the animation was not particularly interesting, however, among adolescents and adults, she has found his admirers. Even among the elderly was the second anime first love.

Over time, some studios began to form a group of authors who worked in a particular genre. For example, after the release of “Pure romance" Studio "Dean-Studio” most of its creators were seen in the development of anime “The world's greatest first love”. After two seasons of this series, a feature film and ovaska, some creators started to work only with projects of the genre "shōnen-AI". This is due to long work on anime “The best first love” or personal preferences – unknown.


When it was created the first anime in history, remains a mystery. Someone said that it was 1907, some are sure that it happened in 1917 But no one can rule out that the very first anime in the world could occur several years or decades before. To date, the anime surely spread throughout the world. You can find films of any genre, square footage and age limits. For more than 100 years of the existence of anime has changed the story, but overall it remained the same as before, – simple and clear to everyone.