How to draw Furby Boom gradually?

Honey Furby toy Boom – interactive robot, which is very popular with the children. Funny animal could be a real friend to the child, because for him to look like a real pet. And this funny creature please the owner with the ability to sing, dance and talk.
Many people ask how to draw Furby Boom? If you act in stages, you can move the image of a furry pet for the paper will be easy even for a toddler.


the Creative process will be much more enjoyable if you put your interactive friend close. A variety of color fur fun toys allow you to paint the picture any notes.

Before you draw a Furby Boom, we need to prepare. You will need:
  • albom;
  • karandashi;
  • lastic;
  • Kraski;
  • kistochki;
  • vode.
From the manner of expression in the works of independent children's emotions and experiences. The child chooses what and how to draw Furby Boom. Be sure to prepare the work surface. The table should be free from unnecessary items that distract the attention.

Stages draw paths

Consider, how to draw Furby Boom pencil. This sketch is the main sketch, which you can then colour in with markers or paints:
  • Furby - rounded creature. Therefore, the first step is to draw a shape in the form of eggs. This will be the torso.
  • In the upper part of the calf will determine the face – two circles, and between them a smaller circle.
  • Now we need to place the eyes and beak furry friend. In large circles, draw the circles of smaller diameter, in the middle of their arc-shaped guide lines, add pupils-turned eyes, framed by centuries! Small circle add two lines to make the beak.
  • the Next step – fluffy fur that covers the body of this hero completely. It should draw curved lines or zigzag a little beyond the silhouette.
  • Ears should be placed slightly above eye Furby. They are drawn slightly pointed, with overlapping contours inside.
  • On each foot waggles three fingers.

Final step

Before you begin painting, use the eraser. Carefully delete the unwanted contours. Then you can use gouache, markers, colored pencils. Portrait Furby will definitely get original and unique.
Now the question is - how to draw Furby Boom will not lead you into confusion. It is worth a little effort, and creating a portrait of a pet will be a fascinating process.