Slang contemporary artists. Gift a sketch request is...

With the development of the Internet and various electronic devices no one is surprised by the appearance of electronic drawings done by various artists. Graphic tablets, and modern programs make it easy to draw, to paint, to edit and process the result of creativity "modern Picasso" without much difficulty. But as you know, new opportunities give rise to new needs, so it's a certain circle of creative people are often undergoing change. Such deformations are touched on including artists.

Modern slang and its analogues

to Find a good artist before he was a whole mindset, not to mention the fact that the price of a portrait, for which it is necessary to pose a couple of hours, sitting still, had to agree in advance.
Paintings with a live person, did provide some value, and, as I recall from history, the best artists often exhibited a place of honor in the house as the pride of the family. In today's world is much easier – many masters of pencil simply ask to draw something “chocolate”. And if they are not too busy, will gladly comply with your request. That means that “request” in modern slang artists of the world wide web.
by the Way, in English, your “request”. The meaning of the word here is specific - query. On Facebook, for example, is a function of the Friend request, i.e. a request to add to friends, we use the word in a broader sense.

Other words of the lexicon authors

Came in such fashionable buzzwords, of course, from the English language. Due to the tendency to dilute the language in other words the fact that English is quite easy for perception to many users of the Internet, and the words it's just shorter.
Even those who went to art school, barely understand the modern designation of many kinds of figures. Therefore useful may be the following dictionary:
  • gift – drawing someone as a gift, from the English word gift;
  • art – in principle, any picture of the author, even painted “nothing to do”;
  • fanart – a figure for explanation of any work, using the characters from there;
  • sketch-a small sketch or Doodle, a sketch in pencil;
  • request – this figure “custom”, and, as a rule, made for nothing, heartily;
  • this – a joint work by two artists;
  • trade – exchange of drawings among artists.
the Most interesting that a simple drawing on paper modern guru web picture referred to by the word “traditinal”, which means “traditional”, that is normal. And indeed, drawings on the tablet in the editor and what is hand drawn, sometimes a very big difference. But mastering all the features of modern technology, artists develop their own style. For many to execute request – it's all the same what to carry out daily training to develop skills.

the Word “request” in the modern Internet

Not only among artists distributed this special slang, but among all Internet users in principle. Many visitors to websites don't ask questions: as request – this is because, even with a basic knowledge of English can easily understand what was going on.
Even a novice on the forum or social network will understand that request-is the request something to perform specifically for a person, often selflessly. For example, in the comments to the video where perepelytsya known songs, many singers are asked to sing something from the repertoire of another singer. This is a kind of “request” - a request, a proposal.

do not confuse this with ‘challengem”, which means an open challenge. A man said that someone can't do something, and the latter should prove the opposite. But, as a rule, most online disassembly of a creative community, to delve into who should not, and very few people interested in it. Most use it the request, whose value is already known.

Examples of execution of requests

In many official pages of the artists you can see in the comments people are “requesterror” perform some incredibly complex ideas or pictures. One of the first who began to carry these “requests”, was one of the users of the entertainment portal under the name Chilik.
On his page in the social. network you can see the album ‘draw me…”, where he fulfills the requests of users. After him the tendency to comply with requests taken up by other illustrators and web artists, who thus communicate with their audience.

Requests beginners

the most Difficult to settle in the field of “drawing” the young artists who have not yet developed a specific style of drawing. After all, request – this is a very important order, even if the e-drawing. So, before you start to do this kind of “orders”, to show. Many artists often work with illustrators or graphic designers web pages, and execute someone else's requests for them – is another way to relax and unwind from work. And, of course, it is important that first of all people liked to draw.


And to this day, the portrait remains a good gift to a person for an anniversary or other occasion, that is, in comparison with the past century, in this respect, technology has leaped forward. In many cities modern of a design Studio offered to buy the drawing of a man made from his photographs. The point is that any artist can redraw someone in a certain style.

for Example, a modern dark-haired lady to turn into a model of leaflets pin-up of the 60-ies of the last century, from a young couple to draw the Royal family or to represent anything according to the customer. It is also a kind of execution requests, only more professional and for the money.