27 impressively powerful paintings from a talented self-taught artist with unlimited imagination

Cyril Rolando ( Cyril Rolando ) is a psychologist and talented self-taught illustrator from France. With the help of creativity, he tries to identify the essence of the problems of his patients, plunging headlong into the most unusual cases and turning them into fairy-tale pictures.The artist is quite critical of his work and believes that he can not reach the ideal. But  Wearts finds his illustrations incredibly emotional and beautiful, so he decided to share them with readers.

1. Cold

2. The missed moment

3. Memories

4. After a long day

5. Family

6. One day I will fly away

7. Tell me, why is the sky red?

8. Sleeping

9. The Last Song of the Earth

10. Nobody knows that the stars are dying

11. Catch the moment

12. The challenge of the sky

13. Immersion

14. Inevitable Sunrise

15. The soap swamp

16. I'm not from the forest

17. Fuel for life

18. Fable of the Giraffe

19. The First Dance

20. The polar star is a plane

21. Pursuit of happiness

22. Piano

23. The Little Seal

24. When she was six

25. Not noticing sparrows

26. Do not ruin your dreams.

27. Communications

If you do not want to leave this surreal world, then  here you can continue your journey and see even more works of this talented person.
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