How to draw a tiger cub? Draw cute and funny tiger

In the article the description of how to draw a tiger cub. Why use it? Little tiger – fluffy, soft creature with amazing eyes. This large "cat" causes a lot of tender feelings and emotions. Perhaps you are one of those who, with bated breath, watching their graceful jumps and fun games. However, such surveillance is safe in the zoo and on TV.[br]Like all passionate people, you can't ignore items with a picture of their Pets. And somehow, considering another picture, that funny, the cubs are sleeping or fooling around, you suddenly think: why not to draw something like that?

How to draw a tiger cub?

Even a five year old child will be able to cope with this task. However, the little cub get a bit of a fantasy creature.

But it's not scary, rather funny.
If you don't know where to begin a drawing and how to draw a tiger cub, we recommend you start with animal faces. It is recommended to work with a pencil that the child understood the sequence in the figure.
• First draw a simple circle and divide it crosswise into four pieces.[br]• Now draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the future of the tiger.[br]• a Semicircle pririsuyte ears.[br]• Now start making the head, so that it was not a simple circle.[br]• In the lower part mark the outline of the hair on the face.[br]• Then draw a half circle, chin, and muzzle the cub is almost ready.[br]• Determine the future height of the animal and mark the outline of the paws.[br]•Now draw two lines of the trapezoidal shapes to draw the width of the torso of the tiger, as well as give realistic paws.[br]• Draw the breast and belly, which will be visible when the seated position of the animal.[br]• front paws draw lines – it would appear the hind legs.[br]• Draw fingers and wipe off the excess with an eraser.[br]• Left draw a strip and paint a small tiger with orange and black crayons.

Draw funny “cat”

How to draw a cute tiger-the bully?

For clarity, you can use a step-by-step recommendation below. You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy it is to paint a striped animal. Proceed?
Step 1. Start drawing the tiger head. For this you need to outline a small circle.[br]Step 2. To give proportion to the face, you need to outline its contours. Draw a small oval in the lower half of the face of the animal.[br]Step 3. Draw animal little ears. Draw them in the form of two headbands.[br]Step 4. Draw the nose, eyes, mouth and antennae.[br]Step 5. Make a sketch for the body, draw an oval. Separate straight lines a place for paws.[br]Step 6. Of the two small ovals draw a tiger cub pads on the paws.[br]Step 7 . Draw the hind legs, and a long striped tail.[br]Step 8. Give color tiger. To do this, draw a small alternating stripes.

[br]Step 9. Eraser erase all unnecessary lines and outline clear outline.[br]Step 10. Now you need to paint a tiger cub.

tools and materials

• plain white sheet of paper. You can use a sketch pad or plain white cardboard.[br]• Simple, well-sharpened pencil.[br]• Washing the rubber (eraser).[br]• Paint, markers and colored pencils. [br]• a Little patience and a good mood.

Final phase

the Article covers in detail how to draw a tiger easily, quickly and correctly. Finished picture you can paint colors colored pencils or markers. Or to cut out the image and glue it on a card and give to your friends.
For children the process of drawing a tiger cub is like a journey in fairyland. Don't forget that. For the child this world – the beginning of a great adventure. And it depends on you how will see the world of the child.