How to draw a key? A detailed description of the drawing a treble clef

understanding of the phrase how to draw the key may be different, namely the drawing of a key on the musical staff, as well as on a simple sheet in the form of a drawing and images. Here are a few ways of drawing this type of key. The treble clef is a very beautiful in appearance, as the band says, it opens with the melody on the score or sheet music that it sounded.

How to draw a key on the musical staff?

we All know that treble clef is a music symbol, and it should be noted that in appearance it is very beautiful and at the same time may resemble a violin.
Treble – key salt, which is written on the second line stave. In order to make it easier to draw this kind of key, need a little practice, for example in a larger format, not in the note-books. For this you can use a simple sheet of paper with the drawn music lines.

Next, consider how to draw clef. it really is simply because it has a simple form.
to answer the question about how to draw a key, count the second line from the bottom. It put a small point. From it and will follow the form of a treble clef. Then after that, slowly, hold the semicircle in the right side of this point. In the end it should be a small hook, which should not be too large.
Next bring the line up, she went through all the lines of the staves. Should be a small hook, which should also not be too wide. The line needs to wrap back down. Clicking on the first line of the staff, send it to the limits, white spaces, and then zabivaite the tip.
of Course, each person get a different treble clef, and generally their appearance depends on the accuracy and precision of all the lines. In this case, I must say that when writing works of the composers they're not really thinking about the treble clef, especially if it's done in a fit of creative inspiration.

Draw the key on paper

the Principle of such a picture remains the same as when drawing on staves. In order to learn how to draw a music key, you can also use a stencil, which is sure to be useful. The stencil can be cut by yourself, in this case, it will be easier to apply this pattern on different surfaces, for example, clothes, paper and other items.

it is Interesting that such a key can draw completely different colour resolutions and the use of additional prints. Often, people who are connected with music, there are many different attributes, on which is drawn a key.


Not long ago people compared the treble clef composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and others, and it is worth noting that all of them are such as we are accustomed to seeing. This may be due to the fact that composers simply had no time to draw the treble clef. Also in this case, it is necessary to say that the key is written as the elements of musical grammar, in order to understand in what manner and in what register is written to a particular product, composition and melody. They have a few, namely violin, bass, Alto, tenor, baritone key. They differ only in where will be built the product and composition.


As you can see, at the moment there are many different variants of the drawing of such a key, but it is also worth noting that it can be used not only in the writing of musical exercises or compositions, but also as an element that can be added to different products, such as clothing and items using prints.
This article will be useful for those who wish to learn how to draw a key.