Griffin. How to draw it easily and quickly?

Gryphon-a mythical creature with the head of an eagle and body of a lion.

Who is this Griffin?

In some stories he appears as the embodiment of goodness and justice, others as a destroyer, inspiring all with fear. It is possible, depending on the situation, and he's capable of that, and more.
Griffin has sharp claws and white or Golden wings. A very interesting exhibit is the Gryphon. How to draw it, without special artistic skills? It is quite possible, though perhaps not the first time.
Griffins are often mentioned in literature, films, computer games. In fantasy, the presence of this character has already become a classic.
Wonder bird are found in the architectural ensembles.

Drawing of a Griffin

Consider, how to draw a Gryphon step by step.
For this you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and eraser.
  • Make a sketch of the body. Best use of different geometric type shape of circles, ovals and hexagon.
  • If somewhere there are sharp corners, make them more smooth and rounded. This will give a realistic figure.
  • Mane of the Griffon consists of undulating strands. But in any case, even if you want to make his curls straight, first, it is necessary to apply the appropriate finishing touches with a pencil. Only then can smudge.

  • don't forget about the fact that the creature has hind legs like a lion, and the front limbs like bird legs with claws. And, of course, pay attention to the long tail with a tassel on the end. But this is not necessary, in this case, you can draw all 4 limbs of a lion.
  • Make the shading in the right places or use cross hatching.

Here is how to draw a Griffin easy and fast. If you wish, you can decorate the bird-lion, using the gray, yellow, brown.

As easy to draw a Griffin for beginners

This method may be difficult for children. Therefore, for training young emerging artists propose to start with a simpler method.
To your attention – a cartoon Griffin. How to draw it, is described in detail below.
  • Draw the body and head in the shape of a large circle and oval just below the top mark of the circle.
  • Move your body line and add a fluffy collar on his chest.
  • Now add the long curved neck of a Griffin, and move the head part (not the whole oval).
  • It's time to draw the most significant part of the body of the creature – the beak. But not just any beak, and huge, slightly curved downwards.
  • the tail is also not forget to paint a couple of feathers.
  • Draw on the body moderately fluffy wings and forelock on the head.
  • Eyes are in the form of great circles, somewhat convex.

Here and ready our Griffin. How to draw it two ways, you already know. It is possible that the figure was more natural, you should to practice a little-then it will work.
because of the complexity of the body of mythical creatures, you can break it down into separate geometric shapes. This will greatly simplify the process of drawing. Unusual creature - Griffin. How to draw a mutant, you're aware, but there is no reason for the rejection experiments.