How to draw glasses easily and quickly

Glasses – a universal thing. They are people of different ages. Neudivitelno that there is an urgent need to pay special attention to not only their characteristics but also appearance.
People with disabilities use them to better see the world around them.

the Value of the points from the modern world

Others wear sunglasses to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Spectacles – not only a necessity, but also an indicator of style and prestige.
Fashion dictates the conditions. Business dress often involves a points. People that don't need them, it is recommended to wear transparent glasses without diopters or simply rim.
How to draw glasses? There is nothing complicated, important to follow the recommendations listed below.
so, let's look at how to draw sunglasses step by step. There are many forms of points. We will choose a standard shape, not too large, but neat and graceful.

Draw points

Prepare a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and eraser.
  • Draw a rectangle, divide it in half three vertical lines.
  • Swipe the top line of points. She is bent: the center passes through the median line. Edges slightly raised above the rectangle.
  • Mark the bow arc.
  • Make the outline of the bottom of points.

  • Following the sketch, spend a smooth line, connecting the top and bottom. Make the tabs on the sides at the top.
  • Get rid of the extra lines.
  • Now draw lenses.
  • Now we need to add the arms. They should Shine through the lens.

  • Hover over the black rim, and slightly darken the lenses. Part of the arches, which are visible behind the lenses, do less bright than those on view.
Now you know how to draw points with a pencil. As you can see, nothing complicated about it.

Draw points: side view

let's Now see how to draw points a side view. To do this, draw the shape of the subject, making one side smaller, as the accessory is tilted. Same thing with bows, long arc from you will be shorter than the near.

Next step more carefully draw the bow, frames and lenses. Now erase the extra lines, if such are present. Move the contours and do shading in the right places.

To the lenses was noticeable, draw a few light strokes on each of them, as if a gleam of light.

Here's how to draw glasses easily and quickly.
You can also draw sunglasses. In this case, glass should be dark, leave them on the patch of light in the form of small white dots on the lenses.
depending on the style of glass you can decorate in different colors, not just black: yellow, red, green and other colors that you like. The size and width of the arms also vary depending on the chosen model for drawing.
Also experiment with the models of points, practice to represent different instances. And trained, you will not be difficult to draw a person in any glasses.
to Draw fun and interesting.