How to draw a Hummingbird easily and quickly

Kolibri is considered the smallest bird on our planet. Its dimensions are so small that many confuse the bird with the insect. Before you learn how to draw a Hummingbird, offer you to get acquainted with some facts about this interesting creature.

a Little about hummingbirds

Interesting facts:
  • birds of this species can move back and forth and from side to side;
  • she quickly flaps its wings and seems to float in the air;
  • Hummingbird - a very desperate creatures, as are not afraid to enter into an unequal battle with other birds;
  • the big bird this species reaches a size of 22 inches;
  • they are persecuted by poachers who later make them into hats.
  • it's hard to believe, but the hummingbirds, the number of cervical vertebrae in two times more than the giraffe;
  • weight of birds ranged from 2 to 20 grams, and flight speed can reach 80 km/h, depending on the species;
  • by the way, these lovely creatures, there are more than 300 species;
  • these birds are omnivorous, they are not only happy to swallow the nectar, but also not averse to eat small insects.

Draw a small bird together

now let us see how to draw a Hummingbird with a pencil in stages. To do this, prepare a clean sheet of paper, pencil and eraser. As most of the time hummingbirds spend for food, then to draw it, it will be better next to a flower in which she will collect nectar.
  • Draw the outline of the bird and flower.
  • Make a sketch of one of the eyes, beak and tail. Also add the elements of a flower, next to which hovers a Hummingbird.

  • In the next stage, draw all the details of the bird and flower. Color eyes to make it expressive, point to the outlines of the twigs.

  • At the final stage add shading with hatching. This will add volume and depth to the picture.
  • Here's how to draw a Hummingbird in pencil. But if you wish, you can also decorate the resulting figure. Usually, they are colorful. So feel free to mix and match grey, blue, green, red. You can add glitter.

Difficulty in drawing the Hummingbird

Now you know how to draw a Hummingbird easily and quickly. You may have difficulties at the initial stage, when it is necessary to outline the silhouette bird. So, if you have no special artistic skills, just copy proposed above form or prepare a picture with which you can redraw the bird.
these are cute and colorful miniature birds are found in America.