How to draw doughnuts easily and quickly

Doughnuts – a treat that knows and loves everyone from kids to American police. This dessert is very easy to prepare, even easier to draw.
Initially, the donuts looked like balls stuffed with jam, and fried in boiling oil. Currently, there are many varieties of this pastry. They differ in the size, shape, filling, powder, degree of fat.
But we will draw the classic round doughnut with a hole in the middle.

Knowing how to draw a donut will help you in extreme situations – for example, when it is necessary to distract the child from their eating.

the easiest way to draw a donut

so, you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser.
to understand how to draw the doughnut, you need to perform a series of simple manipulations.
  • Draw a circle freehand. Do not try. Well, if he will curve, it will give a more realistic look to the drawing.
  • Inside draw another circle. It turned out a doughnut, or bagel-whatever.
  • Next you can draw the chocolate or any other frosting.
  • In black and white, the doughnut does not look very appetizing, so it is advisable to decorate with colored pencils, crayons, paints with a minimal amount of water.
  • Outer edge, point black.

Here is how to draw a donut with a pencil in stages easily and quickly. This is the easiest and a win-win. But you can give volume and depth to this baked product.

How to make a doughnut realistic

  • Indicate lines on which you draw a circle.
  • Make two circles: one inside the other. Now draw the bottom line.
  • Here and ready donut, left to baste it with glaze and add sprinkles.
  • to show that it is realistic, to the right of the figure draw that he cast a shadow, darkening the left side of the midway.
  • Shadow touches you can shade using cotton swab or finger. Can I keep the shading as shown in the figure below.
  • If you wish, color the picture, although this picture looks very complete.

It was another way to draw donuts. Nothing particularly complicated there.

Drawing donuts on cells

If you want to create a more schematic drawing, use plain leaf in the box. How to draw a doughnut on the cell? Very simple. Draw a circle, zastrahovany cells. The main thing - do not stray to the donut not too deformed.
Make the outer edge black, the following circles make dark brown or orange and the middle give a lighter shade. You can decorate gel pens then the donut will be bright and saturated, pencils or markers.
This scheme is well suited for embroidery.
Even children can easily understand how to draw doughnuts using the above methods. From them do not need special artistic skills. But since there are different types of donuts, a space for drawing too large.
Experiment and connect the imagination.