How to draw Harley Quinn in stages easily and quickly

Harley Quinn – a fictional character appearing in the animated series of Batman, and later transcends the comic book series. Before you draw gradually Harley Quinn let's see who she is.

Who is Harley Quinn

the Girl-clown is the Joker's girlfriend. Harley was a professional gymnast, which allowed her to obtain a scholarship at the University. She wanted to become a famous psychologist and after graduation went to work in a hospital for the criminally insane.
Plan was simple – to make a name in the work with dangerous maniacs. Unfortunately, one of the inmates, the Joker is in love with a young doctor to himself, and she helped him escape. After that, Harley was the Joker's girlfriend, periodically bursting and again restoring the relationship with him.
Despite the fact that the character appeared in the ' 90s, it has become popular only recently. And this has contributed to the release of the film "suicide Squad".
Harley is just a host of admirers.
Therefore, we will draw the heroine of the movie, not the comics. The differences between them are quite noticeable.

Draw Harley Quinn step by step

Consider, how to draw Harley Quinn in stages.
  • To begin, draw a circle and add a line at an angle. Check the bottom of the line and swipe two parallel cut in the place where will be the eye.
  • Continue to draw a face, depicting the lower part of the chin.
  • Between two parallel auxiliary lines to draw the eye. If you're not in this, first practice on a separate sheet so I don't have a lot to use the eraser.
  • When the eye is drawn, you are ready to eyebrows. As the Harley head turned at an angle, and eyebrows are asymmetrical.
  • where is Central construction line is drawn at the beginning will be the nose. Draw only the tip of the nose with nostrils, and the length of the show with a blackout.
  • Mouth have to be into a wide smile. First, draw lips, then teeth and tongue.

  • Slightly above the eyebrows and draw a few strands and bangs girls.
  • Harley Quinn – a clown, so the makeup she needs to be bright enough. Make it more lush eyelashes
  • Now draw hair and lush tails. Round you will be a convenient reference point.
  • don't forget the visible part of the ear.

  • Remove all auxiliary lines. Now draw the shoulders, arm, the chest and back.
Here's how to draw Harley Quinn in a phased manner with a pencil, quickly and easily. It remains only to paint the picture. Make one side blue, the second tail, the eye and half of the lips apply a pink-red color.

Face girlfriend of the Joker

Harley has a beautiful sensual and swapped figure, however, the most attractive to her – her face. Why can we not draw?
so, below are recommendations on how to draw a face Harley Quinn step by step.
  • Make a sketch of the face. If you do not have the necessary skills, just sisuite all with pre-prepared images.

  • Make a blackout in the places of eyes, lips and hair, not forgetting the gum and patches are not the neck.
  • Next, change the pencil for a softer, move all main lines and begin to shade the shadows. Remember that the right person is in the shadows, as the head turned slightly.

  • Hair on top of light, sinking lower, darker, also do darkening near the gum and ears.

Done! Now you know how to gradually draw Harley Quinn – a clever Joker's girlfriend.

Interesting facts

the Character is certainly memorable.
Harley Quinn designated the honorable 45th place in the ranking of the 100 most spectacular comic book villains according to IGN.
And it occupies 16-e a place in the weaving of the most attractive heroines of comics at a "Comic Byers guide".
So knowing how to draw Harley Quinn in a phased manner, will be very important in the next few years.