How to draw scroll easily and quickly

Scroll – a sheet of paper or papyrus, on which in ancient times recorded important information. Scrolls were folded into a roll for better storage.

why it is necessary to be able to draw scrolls

Knowing how to draw a scroll will be useful to you for making original greeting cards or invitations to a feast, or simply for wall decoration.
Be careful, learning to paint these ancient rolls, you will draw them whenever you want. And all because they look very beautiful and mysterious.
Learn how to draw a scroll, completing simple tips given below.

How to depict a scroll

You will need a blank sheet of paper, hold a pencil and an eraser.
  • Sketch from the hand of the two cylinders of the same size. The distance between them should be not big and not small.
  • Connect the upper and lower edges of the coils slightly curved lines between them.
  • Next thing you need to do – to erase extra lines, and the upper part of the coil to tighten the coil.
  • Draw all the visible lines more clearly, add the lines that should be behind the front edge so the picture looked complete.
  • Now add a shadow to the scroll look three-dimensional and realistic. From the left bottom will draw a shadow that throws the parchment. Using a simple pencil and darken the left edge of the inner part, hidden behind the front part. The right edge should also be darkened, but to a lesser extent than the left.

Here is how to draw a scroll with a pencil quickly and easily.

Draw a scroll with a high level of complexity

To better understand the process of drawing the ancient parchments, try to portray the following picture.
How to draw scroll surround and make it "as real"? For this we need a little practice to get the hand, after working with the shadows, locations, and proportions.
  • to Draw, start with the side parts of the scroll.
  • Then the top and bottom finish with three straight lines and connect the side parts horizontally. At this stage the scroll as if transparent, shows all his sides.
  • Only after completing the previous steps, you can delete all the unnecessary lines that are visible should not be.
  • Soft pencil, using hatching to create the shading that will give volume to the image and make it "alive".

Here's how to draw scroll more advanced artists. The resulting scroll can decorate. You can give it a yellowish-brown tint. And for greater plausibility make the ragged edges of the scroll looked ancient. Approximately so, as shown in the figure below.

in General, drawing scrolls is not an easy task as it might seem at first sight, and requires at least a minimal knowledge of art concepts and principles.
So if you are a beginner, do not worry if you do not get what you planned the first time.
Scroll – a figure of medium difficulty, but once you understand the principle and a little practice, you will be able to recreate them without too much difficulty.