The combination of mint green with other colors in clothing, interior. The rules for combining colors

With a light hand of Marc Jacobs, who several years ago presented the outfits mint hue, this color is firmly established in the fashion world. Now rare fashion show is complete without this fresh, slightly nautical and slightly emerald tones. Moreover. Mint green continues to be relevant not only in outfits but also in make-up, manicure and even the design of buildings. This shade gives us a space for bold experiments. It can be rich like caramel, and delicate as sea foam. Mint looks great solo or in combination with other colors. It is suitable for both young girls and Mature ladies. Blonde, brown and brunette, darkie and snow – that all he is to face. It is important to find the right combination of mint green with other colors. This issue and will devoted our article. Because the mint color is very tricky. If improperly used it can give you a sickly, painful and depressing. Also important is the ability to play with the saturation, hue.

Mint green: what is it?

This shade got its name from the eponymous plant. But even if we have repeatedly seen this medicinal herb, it does not give us an idea of what the mint color. For example, the leaves of the plant are dark green, like a faded grayish veil. And flowers mint represent fluffy panicles dirty blue color. grass-green stem also does not inspire the desire to inherit it in clothes and interior. In fact, the mint color copy, not a plant, but our Association about it. People long ago used chewing gum, dragee, tea, they have a strong image of something fresh, almost akusticheskogo. In the palette of green shades are very close to each other are turquoise and mint green. Compare the blue tones puts it next to the light blue. Experts distinguish four shades of mint. This mint, light turquoise, pistachio and waves of the sea. Thus, it is possible to say that mint color is on the border of cold and warm tones. Enough add to it a touch of yellow, and we soften too detached.

Who is the mint color

Above we talked about the versatility of this shade. However, it is important to use a combination of mint green with other colors to simulate the desired image. The saturation of the tint is also important. Conventionally, the four tones of mint can be grouped into two: close to the blue (cold) and related green (a little warmer, but still fresh). Based on this, each particular type of appearance can pick up your tone. Mint-blue is suitable for those who have dark eyes and hair. But brunettes should choose dull colors to increase the contrast with a gentle coolness. And light-skinned blondes should be careful to use mint, so she gave them a sickly greenish hue. This color looks perfect on dark skin so designers often use it for summer clothes and bathing suits. Brown will have to face the mint-green hues of different saturation.

Create image

Whatever the color combination of mint with other colors, it is important to know that he is the dominant and accent, in spite of its gentle tone. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the tone. So, which image can be modeled by using a mint colour? Use rooted the Association of mankind: “menthol = freshness”. The girl in the greenish shades of mint, full of energy and vigor. She is outgoing, modern and attracts success. Mint blue – like a cool drink of water on a hot day. The girl in these colors – air creating a romantic temperament. In any case, mint in clothes off the shoulder a couple of years. It will refresh the skin and make the appearance more contrast. Color is suitable for evening and daily clothes. Of course, mint is more relevant in the summer. But demi coat in these shades turn you into a fairy spring.

the Combination of mint color in clothing

There is a perception that a woman who has taste, need to use close to the palette colors. But this is not so. Such approval may be applicable, except that for brunettes with dark skin. Their mint green is really refreshing. Blondes it give a stunted appearance. If you don't want to look “tsarevna-frog”, you should use a combination of mint green with other colors. It is important to be careful. This color is very easily can turn into a dull green or dirty blue, make your way mediocre, boring, or even depressing. Different shades of mint fit completely different colors-companions. Let's consider them in order.

From gentle mint to the color of a sea wave

shades of that color embodied the freshness is actually five. And the first one is called “sweet mint”. It is almost white, allowing you to use it in wedding dresses. Delicate mint will fit with the same light tone. This silver, pearl, pale pink, sometimes fuchsia. If we are talking about summer clothes, all shades of blue. Autumn cool should soften the light-orange complement. A little darker shade of “tender mint” is “menthol". This light, slightly greenish color looks best paired with pastels. To coat fit beige gloves and shoes, a light gray scarf. Summer top – yellow, or blue jeans. Mint green color of medium intensity is called “light turquoise». It will suit all shades of emerald, blue and lavender and aquamarine. The darker tone gives us the colour called “pistachio ice cream”. To him snow-white, beige (Nude) and light blue shades. The darkest in the range of mint color is “froth”. To mitigate the cold use coral, orange and yellow tones. In the summer you can experiment with emerald and pastel shades.

Mint makeup

Want to transform into a girl“spring”? The art of make-up will allow you to do this. However, it should be used with caution. Mint manicure on the background of a dress of the same shade and cool the makeup can make your look too cold. So you're not the girl-Spring, and the drowned Ophelia. Make-up under peppermint gown must be performed in a silver shadow emerald eyeliner and black mascara. Do not forget that cool colors menthol throw on light skin greenish hues. Therefore, you should use a bronzer and blush. Dress mint shade emphasizes eyes. Sponge can touch lipstick natural pink tones. And to give the image of lightness will add Shine. A mint makeup suit zelenock and blue-eyed beauties. The shade of this shade apply to the inner corners of the eyes and complement the Golden tones.

Mint on the nails

Since then, color has become trendy, it is used by all – and couturiers, stylists, and designers. Mint manicure great for the hot time of year. Stiff and reddened hands with green nails do not produce a very good impression. But in the office this manicure would be appropriate. We should not think that nail Polish should be matched to the wardrobe. On the contrary, the combination of mint color in clothing with a manicure can smooth out the contrast. But under a black and white wardrobe or multi-color bright summer dress nails, covered “mint” or “pistachio" will look more natural.

Mint interior

Want optical zoom in a small room? To bring a touch of freshness into a stuffy room with one window? Then you need to use for interior design color mint. It is perceived as natural. So in offices where the main emphasis (in the furniture or the walls, window frames) is placed on a light menthol, casual atmosphere. Mint Wallpaper in a natural way will refresh the bedroom and make the living room. This color gets on well with walnut furniture and dark brown.