How to draw a grenade: step by step instructions

Drawing – this is another area where naughty boys love to portray everything associated with the military battles: the battlefield, military units, cannons, fortresses and various weapons. All of us in childhood were experimenting and not knowing how to draw a grenade, a gun or other weapon, just transferred visual image on paper. Pomegranate – it is a military attribute used to engage any target at close range.

the reality about how to draw a grenade professionally, know one. In addition, the specifics of the execution of this object on the sheet has its own quirks and nuances. In the future, you will learn about these new features. Almost all the boys, with rare exceptions, I like to draw weapons. Any military equipment is causing a storm of delight and range of emotions. But not all have enough patience and precision, to independently represent the various formidable attributes. If you have a teenage boy, then you need to learn how to draw weapons: crossbows, pistols, machine guns. Let's look at how to draw a grenade, quickly, correctly and easily. You will need to follow the given step by step instructions and do the job step by step.

How to draw a grenade with a pencil in stages?

  • Draw on a sheet of paper based oval. This will be the design of the grenade. For the original figure you can use other shapes, for example – round. Now we need a more precise cut around the. For symmetry the main draw perpendicular lines.
  • Go to the image edges of the body. For information: depending on the material and style of the frame during the explosion formed a different number of fragments due to the different killing power.
  • Apply a five diagonal curved lines. At the top of the oval should remain a place for a pin.

  • Draw four vertical lines, they will serve as guide fins of the grenade.
  • At the top of the oval draw a rectangle or square.
  • Draw one rectangular shape at the top. Then draw the handle for holding the triangle aimed down his acute angle.
  • Complete the circle, which is a safety ring of your grenades.
  • Carefully draw all the details, because the grenade has a ribbed surface.
  • eraser to Erase unnecessary lines and a pencil sketch.
  • For a more realistic shade the glare and shadows of the grenade.
Your trial drawing is ready. Using the advice from the article, draw a grenade in stages is possible without any problems.

Materials needed for drawing

in order to complete the picture, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:
  • white sheet of paper (it can be a regular album sheet or special paper);
  • pencil (well-sharpened);
  • eraser;
  • stick to the hatch (it can be replaced with paper twisted into a cone);
  • good mood and desire.

and Draw detail

in order to clarify how to draw a grenade, carefully consider its picture. The form is quite simple, but the details themselves should draw more carefully. Need to add small details and touches that will make reality your masterpiece.

This is a rather important aspect, as it will give volume to the image. Now draw the outline of the mechanism below the picture became more naturalistic. Draw bottom at base several short horizontal lines for the formation of ribs grenades.
Paint your grenade, give brightness and expressiveness to the figure. You can use the colored pencils. It is advisable to use these “military” colors: black, grey and brown shades. It now remains to compare your drawing with the original image. If you did everything correctly, then you'll have a realistic copy of the sample.

Draw a “lemon”

Let's look at another option of how to draw a grenade, for example of the usual pine. This ammunition is to portray simply and easily:
  • first, Draw an oval. You will then need to divide the vertical bar.
  • to portray a clear picture on the grenade, you need to draw the circle. Then at the top draw a rectangular cone. Eraser erase all unnecessary lines.

  • Make a sketch of the ring and the handle light touches. If it suits you, can draw more clearly. Then give the entire surface a more realistic look, drawn clearly all the details.
  • Add shadows to give the pomegranate perfection.

Final phase

In the process of learning to draw is important enough to learn how to properly and correctly display simple objects and elements of drawing. In the subsequent when creating more complex compositions each detail and element will create a common scale of perception of the work as a whole. Remember, the beauty of your creation – in detail.