How to draw a Bush with a pencil in stages

One of directions in art is landscape painting. This art involves displaying all sorts of natural objects. Currently, there are a very large number of tools and drawing styles with which to portray landscapes. It can include a huge number of objects, or consist of one plant, such as a tree or shrub. All of this will directly depend on the intent of the artist.
in this article, you will learn how to draw a Bush thing. The drawing should convey the features of the landscape and the author's idea. Plants are an integral part of the composition and the subject of any landscape.

For professional artists it is important to learn how to display a shrub, the most realistic and harmonious. Drawing nature happy to go the child, regardless of age.

How to draw a Bush in stages

Step 1. Scribble sketch of the branches of the Bush, and designate these places «clouds» - they will become a canopy, which will be located sheets.

Step 2. Add the foliage at the bottom. Start to draw from the bottom up.
Step 3. Continuing to draw the leaves, keep in mind that up branches become thinner and the leaves smaller.
Step 5. Add a bit of shading and apply a shadow carefully rastushevok.

Required materials

in this article, you will learn how to draw a Bush is a very simple and accessible way.
To do this you will need the following tools and materials:
• a Clean white sheet of paper, it is better to take a special medium-grained paper. On such a surface will be easier to draw budding artists.
• pencil.
• Stick to rubbing the hatch and a cheap analog will serve as the paper twisted into a cone.
• Eraser.
• Desire and good mood.

Some advice

Budding artists who want to understand how to draw a Bush, it is best to start drawing with a pencil. It is not necessary to strive for full detail, better try to work on the transfer of the volume of the shrub. First of all carefully look at the Bush that you want to portray. It is important to notice its form and features.
After that you need to compose the picture on the paper. At this stage vicinity sketch - a sketch in which you want to preserve the aspect ratio, and display such important parameters of the object, as the height and width. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the transfer of the structure of the branches and to pay special attention to simulate the texture of the crown and foliage of the Bush.

How to draw a Bush?

Attract to the artistic activity of the children, they might like it.
you will Start creating your masterpiece:
Step 1. Draw the trunk and branches of the Bush, outlining lightly with a pencil.
Stage 2. Draw the leaves and crown, carefully drawing their light touches.
Stage 3. Give volume to the foliage that surrounds the Bush from all sides.
Stage 4. Children there is no need to draw the leaves of the Bush. They simply draw the contour of the crown, adding some rough edges that mimic the leaves in the crown of the Bush.
Step 5. You can add brightness to your hive, you can use several shades of colored pencils.

Final phase

in this article you will understand for yourself how to draw a Bush with a pencil. Initially you may find that it's easy. Actually it is not so simple, because you have to make an effort and try to pass object properties for more realistic and sharper images.

Following the prompts and the above advice, you will learn how to more reliably display any plant. Only after diligent training your painted Bush can get real, like in the picture. Most likely, you are unlikely to succeed with the first right to observe all the forms, proportions, to strike the right tone. But do not despair, in the practice process will certainly get better each time. And after a while you'll be able to draw a more complex pattern. Go for it, and you will succeed.