Poster pen and his prednisonne

Poster pen designed for calligraphy writing. The tool has been demanded for the creation of inscriptions on old movie posters that were used in drawing, for drawing slogans on the fabric. If you need to make the budget a poster for some event, and you can order the banner is expensive, poster feather - your faithful assistant. Where else had used such tools?

Feathers poster of the USSR

In the Soviet time there was a poster pens in small boxes (without holders). The last was sold separately and was in great deficit. The holder was a thin tip, where sticks the feather.

in the absence of a handle for the tool it replaced the materials at hand, such as a tool from a set of “Drawing”. Poster-the pen is also glued to the brushes, pencils, pens. Refill them with ink or gouache. As a rule, black, blue and red colors. Less, for writing slogans on red cloth, apply the whitewash.
Feathers of Soviet production were sold in sets, usually 8 pieces. Line width:
  • 2 mm;
  • 4.5 mm;
  • 6 mm;
  • 8 mm;
  • 1 cm;
  • 1.5 cm;
  • 1.9 cm
gave Them funny names:
  • frog,
  • soldier;
  • Ronda;
  • asterisk.
in order to write nicely at least one word, it was necessary to do considerable work. Measure the width of the pen, draw the distance between letters, their height and width. When the ink dries, the pencil lines should be erased.

Poster pen today

Now the pen is applied Gothic lettering or Arabic. Drawing ink are also taught in some art schools. For people who consider calligraphy an art, open studios that teach the letter and drawing with this tool.
Art of holding a pen poster thing of the past. Today it is used very rarely, and people with a fine sense of style for work suitable fountain pen. It is much more practical than their predecessors. There are models that can be refilled or to change cartridges with ink. Pens are often equipped with replaceable feathers with different line width.

How to use a stylus

first you need to equip the workplace: space to much and you should be comfortable. Sit up tall with a straight back. Feet should rest on the floor. If you are right handed, the emphasis should be on the left hand. The entire weight must be transferred to this side. Right hand relax. Take a pen as a pen. The little finger and middle finger bend and put a hand on them. Thus, the emphasis of the right hand would be at two points: on the nails of little finger and ring finger and elbow.
let us Consider some exercises for learning to work with any kind of steel pens.
  • only the movement of the fingers. Practice drawing thus the snake on the paper.
  • Swivel or slide movement. The arm from the elbow to the wrist should work as a single mechanism. Draw on a sheet of waves.
  • Muscle movement. Draw on a piece of circles in a spiral, a freely moving elbow.
There are some peculiarities in work with a broad edged tool:
  • as you complete the work paper should move forward.
  • the trajectory of the drawing passes from top to bottom and left to right.
  • you can't change the angle of the pen.

Calligraphy — an art that develops a sense of beauty, teaches calmness, self-control, savoring, writing or drawing. Of course, there is no need to create by hand the posters. Doing a fine job of printing. But to write a love letter, sign important documents or create a memoir is much nicer with a fountain pen.